The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Woman Over 40

Hello Ladies!

As many of you know, I’ve had no shortage of husbands, boyfriends and unfortunately, bad dates. AND as most of you can attest, we all have friends with as good or even better stories than ours. So, I figured it’s time to actually do something positive and not only help the men in our lives SUCCEED at love, but help ourselves too, because, let’s face it, if our bestie’s having trouble with her man, we’ve all got issues.


  • Please comment YOUR tips to dating a woman over 40 (and yes, they can certainly apply to younger women, married women, etc.), but for now, this is the target audience. You can see that I’ve started the list below.
  • You can include your name or remain anonymous.
  • The goal: To compile a list by January 22, 2018 that can be wittled down to the TOP 101 Tips to Dating a Woman Over 40 which we will beautify and create as an amazing download available on February 1 for mass distribution. And hey, if you just HAPPEN to print it out and leave it somewhere where your someone special might stumble upon it, oops!
  • Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, etc as we can doctor up and combine like tips.
  • If you feel particularly strongly about a tip already stated, feel free to note that!
  • If commenting isn’t your speed, feel free to email and let us know if you want to remain anonymous. The point is that we create an amazing list so we can all stop whining!

The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Woman Over 40 (so far in no particular order.)

  1. Your new mantra is: Make Me Feel Like I’m the Only Girl In The World – (Only Girl, by Rihanna). Memorize it, print it, make it your screen saver and whatever else you need to do to have it course through your veins!
  2. If you leave in the middle of the night/when she is sleeping you must leave a note or at the very least a text so she seee it as soon as she wakes up. Do NOT assume that because you “kissed her when you left” that she will remember. Note from above: SHE WAS ASLEEP!!!
  3. If you do something stupid, and you WILL, just say you are sorry. That’s it! In fact, here’s the exact script: “I’m so sorry for xyz and I feel terrible that I hurt your feelings.” OMG, manna from the gods! You have no idea!!

Thank you SO much in advance, on behalf of all of my girlfriends everywhere. Let’s show these guys how to treat the PRIZES they have stumbled upon. And yes, I mean prizes. Ain’t no ho bags contributing to this sitch. xx

P.S. We all love a good party, right? Well, we just completed a report of 65 Super Secret Party Tips that I want you to have because, hey, I’m The Party Goddess!

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9 responses to “The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Woman Over 40”

  1. NEVER end a text conversation with an emoji or “lol”. You will not impress and may never hear from her again. If you want to end a text exchange let her know you are off to work or pick up the kids or whatever. Just don’t expect her to get any other idea than that you are lame if you end a convo with an emoji or lol.

  2. Italian Christina says;
    1. Confidence
    2. Eye Contact
    3.Turn your phone off.
    4. I THINK conversation on Politics or Religion, is fine.
    5. Compliments! Compliments….

  3. If you’re single and have been for a considerable length of time, you better have a good explanation. Porn isn’t one of them.

  4. 1. Send “ Good morning” texts
    2. Don’t send emojis .. ever
    3. Call once in a while , not just text
    4. Confirm plans the day before so we know we have plans and know what to wear
    5. Flowers are nice
    6. Walk to the door and wait for uber to arrive
    7. Don’t respond to a text days later

  5. Please be confident. We women after 40 know who we are and what we need. We are not scary women and should not be considered intimidating.

  6. Spending time planning a date. Where and what time is a good idea. Flowers are always a nice thoughtful gesture. Please arrive on time. Go to the her door. Open the door. Walk her back to the door. Simple. Most women love the smell of cologne on a man.. not too much.. its just sexy so consider it. Perhaps a visit to the barber/hair stylist is good to tidy up the hair and a nice shave is good. Please look for unwanted nose and ear hair. Please men, do look at men’s magazines for tips on what to wear. Visit the department store and get assistance from a sales associate for a new fresh classic outfit. You can never go wrong with nice blazer , slacks and dress shoes. Golf shirts are for golf please. No sneakers unless you know how to wear a trendy pair. There is one opportunity to make a good impression. Do not talk about your ex. It isn’t good not matter what. Focus on your date. Give her compliments. Make her feel special in your eyes.

  7. Best tip I have as a married woman (almost 23 years) in her 40s: Find out of she has a Pinterest board (google her name + Pinterest). There you will find a plethora of boards of things she likes! Spend some time perusing…See anything pinned more than once? Notice a trend? Look closely. Maybe there are a certain type of flower features in several arrangements. Find out that kind of flower and bring her THAT (not a dozen roses please). Don’t know what kind of flower/ store/food it is? Take a screenshot and ask a woman. Ask at work, at the flower shop, ask you sister. She’ll know. Women always know.
    Also ladies, if you’re not on Pinterest, sign up and pin a few pix of your favorite things. Throw these poor guys a bone. Win-Win.

  8. Tips on dating over 40
    As a Marriage Family Therapist & wedding planner for 28+ years, I have listed my fav tips for men dating 40+ year old hot accomplished ladies:

    Ask her anything to do with a “feeling” about her life, people, etc. and women, ask a man about anything to do with a “thought” and listen. Without interrupting; Better yet, be an active listener, paraphrase back to the other what you heard.

    Please avoid movie dates!! Spend your valuable time talking face 2 face. You may not be with your forever mate but you could be with the person who will introduce you to your forever mate.

    Sex/Romance tips:
    If you really feel you have potential for a loving kind relationship avoid clouding it up with sexual intimacy in the first few dates. Let sexual intimacy brew slowly the outcome of more authentic intimacy could be the best you have ever had. On the other end, if you only want a shallow roll in the hay and keep dating, then ladies go ahead and spreadem’.
    Men follow your heart to hold a hand, give kind direct eye contact and maybe a surprise kiss.. women Love confident secure men!
    On a real direct level, if you have high sexual chemistry with someone and you want to keep it going with out giving into your urges, Master-bate before the date. You will be more relaxed and involved in the conversation, which is key to getting to know someone!

    Go at the ladies pace in the beginning and show interest with text or calls afterwards. Once she feels safe and secure you usually will get hot and sexy.

    Men & Women please smile when you talk and double the time you listen rather than talk.

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