The Leeza Gibbons Radio Show – Holiday Decorating Tips Part 1

Looking For Some Great Ideas To Deck Your Halls?

I just did two segments on the Leeza Gibbons Radio show where I shared Holiday Decorating Tips on a Budget and had a blast! The first segment aired today! Her show airs on weekends on 100 stations across the US and Canada! Check your local listings for times or visit for more information.

If you missed out on her show here are the Holiday Decorating Tips Part 1 & some more!


Gifts From Mother Nature

Take a nature walk to find fallen branches, evergreens, and pine cones. After collecting all your interesting nature pieces, “flock” them using the store bought canned stuff or spray paint the pine cones silver. Don’t forget to use spray adhesive to add a little extra glittery fascination. You can adorn these as centerpieces or additional buffet decor.

 Think Like A Beatle…Or At Least His Wife

Yoko Ono started “Wish Tree” projects all around the world because, as a child in Japan, she used to write wishes for the coming New Year and leave them in the temple. Start your very own Wish Tree and let guests write down their wishes on a card and place them on your tree (or in a vase). When the holidays are over, put the cards in a scrapbook to share for the following winter.

Unique Centerpieces

Come up with cool centerpieces that wow your friends! Example: Some easy to make homemade centerpieces like a martini glass filled with pine cones wrapped with branches, or a cool feather-filled glass jar. No matter what, make it cool, colorful, and fun! Another unique idea is to use an edible mushroom log to display on the tables. Imagine clusters of hundreds of succulent, shellfish-like edible mushrooms growing on a beautiful piece of aged wood. This is the ultimate gift for that foodie on your list or someone who loves unique décor.

Create A Signature Drink

Instead of just serving beer and wine, create fabulous signature cocktails without the cost of supplying the “full” bar. Try this tasty recipe and get your guests oohing and ahhing with delight, the Bajan Holiday Punch – 2 oz Mount Gay Extra Old Rum (or Eclipse), 2 oz Cream of coconut, 1.5 oz Condensed milk, 1 tsp pure almond extract, Pinch of cinnamon for garnish whole nutmeg for garnish. Combine all liquid ingredients in an ice filled shaker, shake and strain into a highball. Sprinkle cinnamon over top of cocktail and grate a hint of nutmeg over the top too.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more tips!

Enjoy! xoxo

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