The Cookie Swap Jive

Baked goods are the bane of our existence come yuletide carols because as much as we try, we simply can’t resist. It’s in our nature to love all things devilishly good. Naturally, when we heard about a “Cookie Swap” party our ears (and stomach) perked up.

The concept is a piece of cake. Bake a batch of your favorite cookies (or any other easily dividable holiday treat), separate into small bags and come ready to sample a plethora of sugary confections and don a Santa Hat as you pass around your own delicious offerings.

Our favorite part about this idea, is that you get a sampling of a multitude of recipes, instead of being gifted a heaping tin of same sugary confection.

If you are in need of ideas, this website should cover all your bases:

We are intrigued by their generous selection of savory cookies, but lets be honest, Santa likes a classic cookie plate with a glass of milk.


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