St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

Looking for something super fun to create this weekend? How about these amazingly fabulous Lucky Rainbow Jello Cups from

Although these treats can be a bit labor intensive, they are well worth the time that you put into them. Such a unique and fun dessert that everyone is sure to love!

You’ll need:
1 small box of jello in each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
1 large container of cool whip (you may use sour cream or yogurt in place of the cool whip).
You might notice I skipped yellow for these because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit 6 colors in these small glasses.  The glasses shown are 5 oz. juice glasses, you’ll have to make adjustments as needed depending on the size of glasses you use.
Follow these directions for each layer…
Chose the color you want on the bottom (in this case purple).  Dissolve jello as directed on the box using the “quick chill” method (which includes some ice).  Once dissolved, pour the liquid into your glasses, reserving about 1/3 of the jello liquid.  Put all of the glasses in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes, until jello is slightly set.  Mix about 1/3 cup cool whip (sour cream or yogurt) into the remaining jello liquid.  Pour cool whip/jello mixture on top of partially set first layer.  Place all cups in the refrigerator and allow to set (at least 15-30 minutes) while you mix the next color.
Repeat process with each color, allowing each layer to set 15-30 minutes before adding another layer.  The total process will take several hours.
Top the finished rainbow jello with a dollop of cool whip, or whipped cream and add a chocolate gold coin.
If you don’t have several hours but still want to make a splash…whip up some of these crafty pancakes by
All you need is pancake batter and some food coloring. So simple, yet totally fab!

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