Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements!

Let’s suppose you’re hosting a dinner party soon and suddenly you wonder, “What am I going to use as a centerpiece?” (cuz that’s the most important thing on my mind!)  Flowers and candles are your ‘Duh!’ of the tablescape universe, which naturally makes people want to dismiss them as the ‘Zzzzz’ snoozefest option. (Insert eyeroll!) But before you toss them out all together, stop and consider new ways to arrange them on your table. Still not convinced? That’s okay, because this week we’re going to look at floral AND non-floral spring centerpieces for those who want to get a little more creative with their tablescapes.  I love the endless possibilities of floral centerpieces, but I love non-floral tablescapes just as much because they let you use your imagination and creativity just a bit more. Let’s start off with…

6 Ways To Use Moss In A Centerpiece

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - moss covered table

We created this “exposed” tabletop terrarium for Katherine Heigl using moss to cover the tabletop, then added a mix of rocks, flowers, and different varieties of mosses to add texture and color beneath acrylic risers.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - moss in tiered galvanized pails

Moss is incredibly versatile when it comes to table decor. Pier 1 and Amazon sell already made moss spheres for less than $2 each or you can buy bags of moss and styrofoam balls at craft stores and make a DIY project out of it. A simple but elegant way to display them is in a shallow decorative bowl, basket, or tray.  Just about anything you already have at home will work: wood trough, woven basket, pottery bowls and urns, glass candle holders, or in a decorative metal container.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - glass containers filled with copper string lights and moss

We love the enchanting look of moss atop a table runner topped with glass containers filled with copper string lights. It creates a magical, faerie-like ambiance! While bell terrarium containers are pretty, you can use any glass candle holders or jars.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - birch wood covered candles

Birch wood covered candles arranged in moss also create beautiful spring centerpieces that you can embellish any way you’d like — with artificial berries, flower blossoms, tree pods and skinny branches, mercury glass jars, or fruits, like kumquats, that provide a pop of color.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - 3 glass terrariums

Terrariums are another beautiful option for spring centerpieces. Pottery Barn offers a collection of glass terrariums and cloches that you can fill with living plants and botanicals, moss and decorative rocks. Amazon has them, too. But, honestly,  you don’t have to spend a lot on these! Fish bowls work too! Mix and match apothecary jars, glass globes, large mason jars, glass cake domes – the sky’s the limit! Displayed on a tabletop, terrariums provide a natural modern style that works with any color scheme of dishes and linens.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - garden pots with moss

For a more sophisticated antique look, take your cue from DigsDigs and arrange moss in distressed heavy clay garden pots (make sure they’re short so that people’s views aren’t obstructed!) and pair the look with formal flatware and ornate goblets.

Illuminating Spring Centerpieces

Oh, how I love me some twinkle lights! Whether it’s a flickering candle flame or a colorful strand of LEDs, adding glow to a dinner table sets the mood for magic.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - outdoor tablescape with lights

I wish I could take credit for this beauty! We found it at Ciao Newport Beach. A lot of work went into creating this dreamy outdoor tablescape obviously, but you can use it for inspiration and modify. To simplify the look for your table at home, arrange branches strung with lights (which you can pick up at the craft store) in tall glass vases. Intersperse with bright colored spring flowers and candles for a romantic centerpiece display.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - wine bottles filled with colorful lights

For a bright, whimsical look, use empty wine (I’ve got lots of those!) and mineral water bottles (sans label, please!) like this design from Architecture & Design. Then, fill with multi-colored faerie lights. That’s it!

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - 3 jars filled with white lights

If I’ve said it a hundred times, then I’ll go ahead and say it a hundred and one! Use what you have! This simple look uses a flat basket, a few mason jars and natural elements like pine sprigs and pinecones. Yeah, I know, it’s not very spring, but that’s where you get to be creative! Delete the winter items and replace them with green fronds and camillia blossoms and, VOILA, you have a spring centerpiece! Don’t have a basket? Place the mason jars on wood cut rounds instead and surround them with greenery, acorns and whatever is blooming in your garden. The possibilities are endless!

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - garland of leaves wrapped with lights

This garland of artificial leaves wrapped in lights comes from Pier 1, and is designed for hanging. But does it really HAVE to hang?? (Hmmm…) There’s nothing to prevent you from arranging this in the center of your table and adding some oranges, lemons, and limes to create a centerpiece!

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Bold & Bright Spring Centerpieces

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - pink bottles and cherries as centerpiece on white table

Another way to style your table without flowers or plants is to select a color scheme and then create a collection of whimsical items in that one single color. This was a magenta arrangement we put together for a birthday party. It included bowls, painted bottles, candles, and fruits displayed in decorative containers.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - fruit centerpiece on yellow and white striped tablecloth

This centerpiece from an event we styled uses fruits and natural greens, but still sticks to one color palette. We used watermelon, limes, unripe plantains, and an assortment of leaves, ferns and moss mixed with clear glass bottles and sea green glass dishware.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - purple, pink and white tablescape with flowers

Overdose on color! This gorgeous tablescape we created for an outdoor wedding reception reflects the exact opposite of single color styling by using a multitude of shades! Layer brightly colored textiles, runners, and napkins. Then add EVEN MORE color with flowers, dishes and colored vintaged glasses.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - colorful fresh fruit centerpiece

Keep it fresh! Select exotic fruits in different colors and arrange them as a centerpiece freestyle or contained within a large wood platter.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - lollipop centerpiece

You know me and my sweet tooth! We made these cute candy centerpieces for a kids party. Using simple metal pails we create a “faux-flower” looking arrangement with suckers, rock candy sticks and gumballs!

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - centerpiece with eggs and a pansie

For an elegant cocktail reception that featured side tables in the seating areas we created these exotic centerpieces using a round metallic placemat beneath a glass bowl filled with artificial bird’s eggs and flowers.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - colored glass tablescape

Glass candle holders can be all the decor you need for a pretty spring centerpiece, especially if you choose bold colors that contrast your colored drinking glasses.

Styling With Succulents

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - succulent centerpiece

Succulent arrangements are here to stay! And I couldn’t be happier about that. For one, succulents come in so many varieties. Two, they create many different looks, like this one we created by planting different succulents in wooden and ceramic containers, grouped together on a table with metal spheres.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - cactus tablescape

For a little more rustic look like this one found on Brit + Co, arrange succulents in terra cotta pots in the center of your table. If you don’t like the look of a plain old terra cotta pot (I don’t) use this fun tutorial to learn how to antique the pots and give them a more romantic vintage look.

Spring Centerpieces Made From Fabulous Flowers

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - colorful flower tablescape

Besides selecting a pretty feminine color palette like the one we created here for a brunch event, what makes this spring centerpiece so alluring are the diverse glass and metal containers we added to the display. From crystal vases to apothecary bottles and metallic silver pots we were able to design a tablescape reminiscent of an English garden.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - flowers in lightbulb vases

This beautiful flower display was created in Japan by Rie Okitsu. You can make your own with fillable acrylic bulbs and flowers of your choosing.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - sculptural vace with desert flowers

Sometimes it’s not the flowers that are the focal point at all, it’s what the flowers are displayed in. This sculptural vase with simple desert flowers creates elegant simplicity.

Spring Centerpieces Beyond Floral Arrangements! - colorful glass vases

Finally, consider splurging on a handmade vase like these from Esque Studio. Some of the heirloom pieces I have are true works of art. I’ve had them for years and make them brand new every time I change up the flowers and move them around the house.

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