Mez-You-Up Mezcal Cocktails For Cinco De Mayo!

Mez-You-Up Mezcal Cocktails For Cinco De Mayo!

As promised, as you ramp up for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, your Party Goddess! team proudly presents more mezcal cocktails from friends and artisan mezcal makers, Kimo Sabe Mezcal!

But First, Some Fun Facts…

That you won’t remember AT ALL after you’ve consumed these mez-you-up Mezcal Cocktails!

The most common variety of maguey (a.k.a. agave) requires eight years to mature in the ground. Some of the more rare and sought-after wild species, like tobalá, can take up to 25 years to fully ripen. Once the agave plants are harvested, the piñas, or hearts, are cooked in stone-lined pits over wood fires of oak or mesquite. Inside exposed wooden vats, the agave pulp is then left to ferment with naturally-occurring yeast.

Nectar Of The Gods

Superstition abounds (remember, this is nectar of the gods we’re talking about!)  so many wooden vats have their own names. Some also have crosses embellished on them, inviting divine spirits to work their magic. Almost two-thirds of the final flavors are defined during fermentation, thus, distillation can deduct certain nuances but not introduce new ones. Finally, mezcal must undergo two distillations (by law) before it is left to mature in neutral containers made out of glass or clay.

Like I said, you’re never going to remember any of this! So, I highly recommend reading this beautifully written article on the history of mezcal by Effie Efthymiadi for FvF.  Now, here are your Mezcal Cocktails courtesy of Kimo Sabe Mezcal!

Mez-You-Up Mezcal Cocktails For Cinco De Mayo!

Bring On The Libations!

Way beyond your basic pomegranate martini is the Granada, a mixture of Kimo Sabe Joven mezcal and tart fruit juices.

Mez-You-Up Mezcal Cocktails For Cinco De Mayo!

For whiskey drinkers, we suggest trying the El Viejito, which is similar to an Old Fashioned but made with Kimo Sabe Repasado, Grand Marnier, Ancho Reyes, and bitters.  


What’s your favorite kind of agave cocktail? Let us know in the comments below!

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