Melted By Framesicles

What Even Are Framesicles?

Somehow Jessica Parker and I got on eachother’s radar screen and thank goodness we did. Jessica makes Framesicles? Hugh? Framesicles are brilliantly colored picture frames which contain mattes
that have been custom decorated by her (by herself!). It started out as a birthday
present she created for her sister, and the idea has grown as people have
requested custom frames for all different occasions. They are a great way to keep your memories frozen in style!

Jessica creates custom ones (the one she did for TPG is rock star fabulous!) and I personally love the fun picnic one featured above. If you haven’t checked out her store on Etsy, you have to. There are so many reasons to get a Framesicle: birthdays, new babies, a fun day at the beach, a weekend camping, the holidays, etc. The photos don’t do them justice. They are just impossibly deeeeelicious!

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