Let’s Cut The Cake

1757a807c5c4ce01de9ba21c0b480c3fWhat’s more fun than spending a day tasting all of those yummy cakes?

While the dessert must obviously taste good, it also has to shine on the platter beforehand too.

This cake shown here is from revel-blog.com and it looks dee-licious!

The question is, where do you find such fabulous acts of artistry? How do you choose once you find the right artist?

Enjoy the process and spend a little bit of time researching online. Thankfully today, you don’t have to drive over to see examples of what each bakery features.

After finding the right visual representation of your cake vision, make a commitment to taste at 2 to 3 different bakeries. By your last visit, you should have a solid idea of what you want…and your worries will evaporate in no time.

So what do you think? Give me your comments and feedback below. And, oh, by the way, don’t forget to tell a friend if you like what you see! xo

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