Let It Snow

No, I’m not in LA, but from what I hear, it is freezing there too! I am recharging my batteries and getting some new South West ideas in rock star amazing Santa Fe. I am reading the book, Eat, Love, Pray and trying to figure out how I too can be fabulous like Liz Gilbert. http://www.amazon.com/Eat-Pray-Love-Everything-Indonesia/dp/0143038419/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202058142&sr=1-1 (sorry, still can’t figure out how to embed those links on my blog.) While in the midst of reading in the dark (the book is that good), my husband wakes up to tell me that it snowed during the night. Hugh? Snow is about my all time favorite thing. I love the cold, the crispy crunch of the not-yet-packed particles, the magical quiet, oh help. I jumped up and he was right. The world was covered.

I am staying at this very charming place called the Inn of the Anastazi (trying saying that three times fast, I can’t even say it once) www.innoftheanasazi.com . When we checked in, our porter said that we were staying in the room that Oprah had recently stayed in (#302). Sweet Jesus, I was home. My husband, realizing that this was all I needed to try and extend the stay merely groaned. (“Oprah stayed, ate, woke up, looked at…” is like my own personal Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.) Sorry, I think I’m so excited that I forgot why I’m writing this blog in the first place. Oh yes, see below, it involves food. Between Liz Gilbert and her eating her way through Italy, me being 7 months pregnant and my natural penchant for being just naturally hungry 24/7, this should come as no surprise to anyone. :roll:

We landed in Albuquerque and then had to drive to Santa Fe. We stopped for lunch at this great restaurant called the Church Street Cafe www.churchstreetcafe.com . Loved the sauteed spinach that accompanied my husband’s enchiladas. The place had tons of great atmosphere and is housed in a building built in the 1700’s. In Santa Fe, we ate at La Plazuela in the La Fonda Hotel www.lafondasantafe.com and had amazing guacamole made right at the table. I had this crazy vegetable plate with pork (funny, I know) pozole, baked polenta, a big fat grilled chili stuffed with leeks and funky mushrooms and then a sweet potato puree. If they had had fried ice cream, I would’ve been all over it, but they didn’t. So….a quick stop at this darling French crepe place that serves (Crepes for Meal, Crepes for Dessert) and a few other things. Insanely fabulous! I can’t remember the name but it was adjacent to the La Fonda Hotel also.

Cappuccino this a.m. (decaf, trying to pretend it’ll wake me up) was obtained from The Burrito Company Cafe, very casual, very bright, darling place with all kinds of egg dishes, burritos (shocker), that you could think of. My favorite though is when they (and lots of other local restaurants ask) “Red or Green?” This means what kind of salsa do you want? The man next to me, God love him, announced, “Christmas.” I had forgotten that that’s what you say when you want to have both. Just did a quick Google search and realized that even Rachael Ray likes it! http://www.rachaelraymag.com/travel-tips/mapped-out/dest-lg/santa-fe/1317/ (She’s got a great site by the way.)

Anyway, enough for now, I’m off to enjoy the snow. Remind me that the next travel blogs I need to write about cover the Pink Sands (Harbour Island, Bahamas – to die for) and the Omni in Atlanta (oh so unfortunate.)

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