It’s (Hang)Over – The Best Hangover Cure!

I have yet another stocking stuffer/holiday party must have/new BFF to share with you. Again, I promise you’ll love it (and I don’t make empty promises just so you know). Never Too Hungover is some voodoo magic that you and your friends are always wishing for. After more than one Sunday morning texting my besties and sporting not so delightful hangovers (usually after a night at the Chopper aka Arroyo Chop House), I’m soooo glad I finally found the BEST hangover cure!  

No more “what’s the magic cure!?” – is it a pizza? A greasy burger & fries? More cocktails? Of course I would love all of those things, but I’ve already filled my body with enough alcohol for the week, maybe I should slow down on channeling my inner liquid lightness?

It's (Hang)Over

Here’s Why I Love It

Say hello to your new best friend. While the You Have Great Skin stuff was crack for your face, this Never Too Hungover stuff is crack for every certified Party Goddess! enthusiast. It’s basically some sort of healthy concoction that fills you up with vitamins & nutrients, rehydrates you and gives you some electrolyte energy.

And for my organic, health nut, city slicker friends, this stuff is gluten free, low calorie, sugar free AND has natural ingredients. Aloe vera, vitamin B, gotu kola, green tea extract, milk thistle & potassium are some of the ingredients au naturale. Quite frankly, as I’m proofing this blog, I actually feel like a shot of it (and oh by the way, It has nothing to do with fighting a hangover).

Sip it? Chug it?

There are two kinds: Never Too Hungover Prevention and Never Too Hungover Boost.

They sell this stuff in mini 3.4oz pre-portioned bottle packs and 750ML BOTTLES!! Might as well just add it to your liquor cabinet and take shots (not kidding).  

Drink Prevention either before or while you’re drinking. This will prevent (duh) a hangover by filling you up with the good stuff.

Drink Boost either before drinking, while drinking, or after drinking. The main difference here is that Boost contains caffeine.

But, if you want my opinion (and I’m assuming so because you’re here, on my website, reading my blogs), get BOTH kinds and drink the Prevention before going out and the Boost the morning after. The caffeine will get your day going!


Compared to the cost of an unproductive day at the office, the price of this stuff will give you a very good ROI. #Natch. And since it’s the holiday season and I love you all so much, here’s a code for 25% off your purchase: THEPARTYGODDESS. No, I’m not compensated for writing this. Yes, they were smart enough to give me a case for free. Just enter the code when checking out!

It's (Hang)Over

There’s still time to get this stuff for Christmas parties and if not, that’s ok. It’s even better for New Years cuz who wants to ring in 2018 already off their A-game? Definitely not me.

Thinking of planning a NYE bash to ring in 2018 and put this badboy to use? Check out our 65 Super Secret Party Tips that will save you time and money, while getting your creative party planning juices flowing!

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Happy Holidays & y’all be careful out there!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. Must have!!!!! Love love love this product. Thank you PG for letting me use yours. You are always there to help when I need you most. XOXO

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