How Fashion Trends Will Affect Parties

This weekend’s edition (January 27-28, 2007) of The Wall Street Journal had a great article about fashion trends by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan in the Pursuits section. The article talks about what will be featured for Spring clothes. Take note: The look is a far cry from the Bohemian bent of seasons past.

What’s on tap?
Bold Prints
Trapeze Dresses (OK, this won’t affect parties too much, except what people wear to them)
Architectural Heels

What distinctly shows up on the runway eventually ends up hitting the party scene. The modern prints a la Pucci and Marimekko will filter down onto tablecloth patterns and accessories which then translates into what we see at events. Metallic purses might not mean much to your future hostess, but those shades of bronze, silver and copper will definitely make a statement in what the upcoming fetes will feature.

Mark my words, in the not too distant future, we will see bolder, hotter colors and metallic linens and accents perking up the social scene. More to come for sure.

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