How much does it cost to pull off a royal event?

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th was absolutely stunning!  From cascading Lily of the Valley flowers to a custom-designed dress, we want to know, how much does it cost to pull off a royal event?

The average U.S. wedding can cost an average of $27,000. That number is enough to make any Father of the Bride a little light-headed but what if you are Prince Charles?  Experts are estimating the total cost of this fabulous affair was $32 million dollars! But you don’t have to feel too bad for Charles – part of that cost is being absorbed by British taxpayers!

So what’s the breakdown on this over-the-top budget?

The Cake – $80,000 (average U.S. wedding cake is $540), for 1900 guests this breaks down to $42 a slice!

The Flowers – $800,000 (average U.S. wedding flowers are $1,988)

The Wedding Gown – $434,000 (average U.S. dress price is $1,099)

The Ring – $136,000 (average U.S. wedding $5,392) Note: the ring was actually free because it was Princess Diana’s ring, however Prince Charles purchased it in 1981 for $45,000 and estimated to be worth $136,000 in 2011.

Other big ticket items include the church service at Westminster Abbey, music, food, decorations, and of course additional security!   So where does Prince William’s total compare to his mom and dad?  It’s actually $16 million dollars less than the last royal wedding!

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