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Since party planning is a lot about being very organized. I love shortcuts, so I am giving you a few really helpful websites here. Hopefully, they will make life a little easier!

* (I have taken their classes and used their planners forever so I am totally biased toward this company, but their products are really great.)
* (Before you address your next round of invitations, log onto and fill in any of those zipcodes you’re not sure about. is also good for buying stamps that you could never find at your local post offices. You’ll get a great selection, enough stamps in the pattern of your choosing, and just one more way to demonstrate that even the outside of the invitation matters and can look great!)
* (An easy website to give you the definition of almost anything. This site also includes a thesaurus for when you’re just jonesing for a word that’s, well, different! Another bonus is that you can use the translator to figure out what you’re trying to convey in almost any language.)
* (A great website for gardening, decorating and lots of inspiration.)
* (A plug of course for menu ideas, tips and trends.)
* (A website we love for really good quality, delicious recipes.)
* (One of the most informative websites I have ever come across. I subscribe to their magazine and don’t think I could live life without it.

I hope you find these websites as helpful and informative as I have. Cheers!

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