Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day!

On January 1st, we kicked off the year with our quirky video, January in 67 Words or LessSince February began, we’ve shared tips on hosting the ultimate Galentine’s Day Partyon writing the best love letters, and even gave you cool gift ideas that anyone would love!

Clearly, we were so caught up in the love & lust of February that we didn’t get a chance to share this video earlier! Love, gifts, booze – What could possibly make February even better? Watch this to find out in 59 words or less. 

Well, now you’ve seen it. Tell me you didn’t love that?! Net/net, the things featured in this video will be found in this month’s blogs, Instagram stories, Twitter feed, Facebook, Pinterest… you get it. If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t worry, we still have a week and a half of February left!  

I like to think of this as our late Valentine’s day gift to you, but if that didn’t hit the spot, this might! Get a FREE copy of our 65 Super Secret Party Tips Guide! Yes, you’ll really want it. The Galentine’s Day parties might be over, but oh baby, Spring Brunches and Summer BBQ’s are right around the corner. 

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What did you do for Valentine’s day? Did you go out or did you stay home and avoid the crowds and inflated prices!? I actually really want to know. LMK in the comments below!

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