Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents!

We’ve heard it a million times… presentation is everything! Especially when it comes to Christmas presents. Yeah, I know, the peel-off sticky bows are easy. But they are jenky as heck! Set aside a day to have some fun and get crafty! Honestly, it will be a win-win, especially if your kids are on holiday break, sitting around the house bored, and looking for something to do. Set up a craft table and have a family day of creativity!

These gorgeous gift wrapping ideas are really not that hard to accomplish and they will elevate your presents to a whole new level of luxurious (even if what’s inside the box or bag is just an inexpensive trinket!) Decorative gift wrap and a few extra touches show you put real thought and care into giving. Speaking of giving… I’m giving away the most incredible Party Tips Guide for FREE! (I actually do this every week, so you probably already have it, but just in case…TA-DAAAA! Here it is!)

7 Ways To Embellish Kraft Paper

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - red and white swirl lollipop tied on top of a gift

I love brown butcher paper because it’s so versatile and you can use it year-round. If you’re looking for something simple that doesn’t take too much time or really any artistic skills (at all!), grab yourself some candy canes or lollipops and fasten them atop your present with twine. Done and done!

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gold silver and red glitter tags for presents

Here’s an idea that your kids are going to love. Why? Because it involves glitter! There are no frills to the packaging itself. Just kraft wrap your present and tie it with twine. The beauty of this gift wrapping idea is the sparkling tag! Kraft tags with scalloped edges are available at craft and stationery stores. All you have to do is stamp them (or you can hand write them), spread with a wide stripe of glue, and coat them with glitter. Gorgeous!

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - 3 presents wrapped in kraft paper with a box and large letters for the name

Okay, yeah, this gift wrap idea has peel-off sticky bows, which I just told you not to use! Here’s your one exception. Go ahead and use the sticky bow in conjunction with these clever stencil letters that have been crafted from book pages. Looking for more color? A page from a magazine or comic book works too. So does cutting the letters from wrapping paper! Get creative and have fun!

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - presents wrapped in kraft paper with photos on the top

I LOVE this idea! After wrapping your presents in kraft paper, attach a photograph over wide ribbon. These snow scenes capture the winter holiday spirit and look really elegant. There’s no reason you couldn’t use colored photographs instead with a brightly colored ribbon. Experiment and try them both. Wait… what’s that? “Marley, I don’t have time to take photographs!” you say? No problem! You can rip off somebody else’s image from a magazine! If you cut a photo out of a publication and the paper seems a little too flimsy (the glue will make it ripple) then glue it to a piece of cardstock first and then attach it to the package. You can even recycle old Christmas cards by using the face of the greeting card as the image on your package!

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gift wrapped in a lunch bag with a stamped saying and sprig of mistletoe

Like the convenience of gift bags? Say no more! Using ordinary lunch sacks, you can add a little razzle dazzle to your gift wrapping by including stamped typeface holiday messages and a sprig of mistletoe, pine branch, or rosemary.

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - small gifts wrapped in kraft paper with drawings and sayings and little xmas trees

When I saw this idea on Pinterest I fell in love! Kraft paper, stamps, colored twine and a model size Christmas tree! So clever and fun!

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gift wrapped in kraft paper with Rudolf's red nose, eyes and antlers on it

Here’s a fun one! Red pom poms for your Rudolf nose and a black Sharpie marker are just about all you need for this cute gift wrap idea. You could glue googly eyes on if you don’t want to use a marker, or cut out black felt rounds for the eyes if you’d like to add some texture.

Santa Style Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gift wrapped in red paper with a black band and gold buckle

This is a whole new way to put something in Santa’s belly! (But he’ll still probably want you to leave him a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve!) Simply wrap your package in red paper, afix a black ribbon, and add a gold “buckle” in the center. You can find glittery gold scrapbook sheets at the craft store from which to cut out the buckles. Easy peasy and cute for the kids!

Wrap Your Presents In Wreaths

This idea uses a crinkled white fabric paper, but you can use any kind of paper or fabric you’d like. Anything that will provide a nice contrast to the “wreath” you fashion from a pine branch. No need for glue or anything like that. Simply roll the branch into a round and hold in place with twine or ribbon! It’s rustic appeal offers charming simplicity!

Recycled Sweater Sleeve Gift Bags

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gift wrapped in a recycled white sweater sleeve with big red bow and pinecones

Wrapping presents in used sweaters is a great way to upcycle your wardrobe. This fabric bag is made by cutting the sleeves off a sweater and sewing a bottom into it. The cuff adds a nice touch up top. Tie on ribbon and any decor you want to add like pinecones, buttons, or ornaments! Speaking of which…

Presents Covered In Ornaments

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - presents wrapped with Christmas ornament balls on top

It’s like a double whammy of flair! Wrap your present in metallic paper and tie plastic tree ornaments off with the ribbon. It’s easy to do and looks really elegant. That’s a win-win in my book!

All That Glitters Is Gold

Gift Wrapping: The Presentation Of Presents! - gift wrapped in kraft paper with gold acorns on top

The kids are gonna love this gift wrap idea because they get to use spray paint! Any natural element from the yard or neighborhood works here – leaves, pods, acorns, etc. Arrange them outside on some newspaper and spray them with gold or silver spray paint. Let dry and then use them as embellishments. Black matte wrapping paper creates a great contrast, or you can use a coordinating metallic paper. Be as creative as you like!

The Gift Of Giving Back

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ and wish all of you a joyous holiday! The years just keep rolling by and I’m so grateful for all of The Party Goddess! fans out there who follow our blog and social media pages. We do all of this for you! In the spirit of giving, we offer our Super Secret Party Tips Guide every week for FREE! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, consider it your Christmas present this week! All you gotta do is click the button and it’s yours. With tons of useful entertaining tips, what are you waiting for?!

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