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At The Party Goddess, we are constantly asked how to get into the event planning business. In order to try and help people get started, we started an internship program that requires 40 hours of in-office work and assistance at four events in order to complete the program. For more information go to: .

The first purpose of this internship program is to provide those interested in our industry with the opportunity to get their feet wet and learn what this field is all about. The second purpose is for all of us at The Party Goddess to get to work with new people, obtain fresh ideas and potentially hire one of our interns.

What do you need to know about interning and the event planning business in general? Most people don’t make it. In fact, it’s not just most people it is the vast majority of people. Why? Because this industry is hard, hard, hard. Most people do not understand that there is no such thing as a 9-5 schedule, nor a “regular” schedule, nor a slow week. Sure, we might have a week that doesn’t have a ton of events going on, but that doesn’t mean that behind the scenes there isn’t plenty to do.

Since we are constantly loading and unloading for jobs and events, sometimes it seems that all we do is organize and then reorganize. Interns help with this process. Those of us who work a particular event on the weekend are not usually unloading on Monday after the weekend’s strike. Usually, we have a team in charge of bringing in the props, sorting dirty linens, reorganizing to go supplies and the most fabulous job of all, cleaning votives. Yuck!

So, if you’re thinking about interning, or the event planning industry in general, give it some extra consideration. Talk to an intern whose done it. Lots of interns quit before they complete their tenure. That’s ok, it’s just as much finding out if you like us and our business as finding out if we like you. Should you complete your internship, life will improve a little bit (assuming you have performed well) because you will get a good recommendation from us. In addition, we will either offer you work with The Party Goddess, or, if that is not available, refer you to others in the industry who need help. Interning is a good way to get your feet wet, make contacts and figure out what your favorite parts of our industry are. To apply for an internship with The Party Goddess, go to .

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