Fun Super Bowl & Guacamole Facts!

With Super Bowl right around the corner, there’s only a little bit of time to guac this way! Check out these fun facts:

– Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day, behind Thanksgiving.
– Guacamole is THE football party super-food. Of the 1 billion pounds of avocados sold in the US in 2007, 49.5 million pounds were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday!!
– The avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable.
Wholly Guacamole makes the equivalent to over 1,500,000 ice cream scoops per day!
– Football fans across the country will eat more than 80 million pounds of avocados, or roughly enough to bury the University of Phoenix Stadium field under 31 feet of the wrinkly-skinned fruit, end zone to end zone.
– According to the Hass Avocado Board, guacamole will account for most of the carnage.

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