Fun Easter Egg Ideas!

My little darling and I had a play date Monday night to decorate Easter eggs with HIS BFF, Kiana. While the two moms and Kiana fooled with the eggs and polished off a tray of mac and cheese, my angel was ripping out guitar strings. Maybe next year he will be as excited as I was to play with one of my favorite childhood products – Easter egg dye. Few things are better than a big, colorful Easter egg mess.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own eggs, I’ve come up with a few fun websites and links for you.

Big surprise, Martha Stewart has a two really fun ideas. One features Marbelized Easter Eggs and the other talks about Wax-Resist Dyeing Techniques.

Real Simple uses rubber bands for some hip stripes: “After hard-boiling the eggs, wrap rubber bands around them in a pattern, then dip in a container of dye. When the eggs dry, remove the bands. For additional colors, rewrap and repeat.”

Last, check out This interesting site gives you a technique for dying Easter eggs with onion skins! Now that’s a new one on me.

Anyway, have some fun, get inspired and eat lots of chocolate!

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