Bust Out The Fun Before It’s Back To School!

Bust Out The Fun Before It's Back To School!

Summer is coming to an end FAST…it’s evident in our kids’ complaining. All the moaning and groaning gets old after a while so do something to excite them about going back to school. This is not as impossible as it sounds! Just make going back to school a party. Whether your kids are tiny tots or tweens, here are some tips to cool those back to school blues.

Back to Friends

Bust Out The Fun Before It's Back To School!

Have an end of summer pool party and invite kids from your son/daughter’s class. Don’t have a pool? Set up a slip n’ slide in your grassy backyard or nearby park! Seeing friends they lost touch with over summer will make them look forward to spending time with them on a regular basis again. It will also spark their memory of school being more than just studying.

Back to Basics

Bust Out The Fun Before It's Back To School!

Don’t worry about fixing too much food. You’ll want to save your energy because there will be plenty of lunches to make in the coming days! Have a pizza delivered, mix up a pitcher of lemonade, and create a fun presentation of candy, like fruit jellies on a stick!

Back to Style

Start a tradition to set aside a date for back to school shopping. Make an entire day of it! Allow your kids to pick out one item of clothing to splurge on. Whether it’s those new shoes everyone has or a cool purse to carry books in, your son or daughter will be excited to show off their new digs. Get in touch with other moms and dads and coordinate a shopping day. Once everyone’s purchased their new wardrobe, set up a date so the girls can put on a fashion show in their new clothing!

What do you like most (and least!) about the kids going back to school? (For me it’s watching my kids’ accomplishments but not having enough time for all the activities!) Let me know in the comments below!

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