Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

Last year QuickStaff asked top event planners (I was honored to be one of them!) what three tools most help me run my business. If you’re looking for ways to run your biz more efficiently, you’ve got to check out their feature 28 Event Planners Reveal: Their 3 Essential Planning Tools. It’s an amazing compilation of planning tool recommendations that entrepreneurs of every variety can benefit from, not just event planners! I have so many friends working in other industries who use these tools as well. So, they’re really more along the lines of “enterprise organization tools” rather than event planning tools.

Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

You’ve heard me say a million times, planning events is not for the faint of heart! There are hundreds of moving parts to every event, which means it’s incredibly important to find tools to help you stay organized. These were, and continue to be, my favorite, can’t-live-without pieces of technology!


Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

I am obsessed with Evernote. We use it for EVERYTHING! This tool makes it fabulous to share documents, include links, tags, get everyone on the same page and even group notes from the millions of client emails we get so that everything stays in order.

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign by Adobe)

Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

Everyone in this day and age should have all of their contracts and credit card forms set up to be signed and completed electronically. It is such a ginormous hassle to have to print and scan or deal with signing a PDF that I just don’t get how everyone doesn’t tee up all of their contracts this way. It has massively helped us protect ourselves legally and get deposits (close deals and make money!) a million times faster.


Event Planning Tools For Excellent Executions!

Love, love, love Honeybook! Just like Adobe Sign, you can have templates for what you do most and manage all of your client communication.

Have a favorite event planning tool to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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