Easy Decorating Ideas!

We’ve all been there: you’re busy with the day to day aspects of running your life, but you need to glam up your table (or house, office) before the guests arrive. Whether you’re short on time or cash, here are a few simple ideas to get your space ready for company.

* Fill clear cylindrical vases with ornaments. These can be ornaments that you’ve got lying around that didn’t make it onto your tree, or you could run in to the 99 Cents Store (Target is also really good and they have a website: www.target.com) and scoop up some. Either way, this is a simple and easy way to adorn your buffet, entry way or even guests’ seating tables.
* Use a simple basket and fill it with pine cones. If you have the time, spray paint them a metallic gold or silver, or use some spray adhesive and some glitter. No matter what your choice, pine cones say holiday! (Sunset Magazine is a good one for simple ideas and their website is also good: www.sunset.com)
* Add sprigs of evergreen around, everywhere! A plain platter looks infinitely better with just a sprig of greenery. Remember that holly berries are poisonous, but as long as they are not on your food, you should be fine. If you’re really desperate, pinch a piece off your Christmas tree and adorn your bowl of pinecones, or even your guests’ place settings.
* If you’ve got a little extra time, but not a lot of budget, head to your nearest Chrsistmas tree lot. These lots trim the trees for customers to add the buckets at the bottom and supports for the base. The evergreen pieces that they cut off in the process are free. In fact, they are usually happy if you are willing to cart them away. Just remember to ask first!

For more quick and easy decorating ideas, peruse our website: www.thepartygoddess.com for some inspiration.

Happy Holidays!

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