Diva For A Day: Luxury VIP Experiences!

I’m always talking up ways to party like a rockstar because, well, I’ve put a few of those numbers together! Ever thought what it would be like to hop on a private jet, take a limo to your front row seats at the biggest concert of the year, and then party afterward in the hotel suite with the band? What about getting a sky box for the Super Bowl and meeting your favorite players? Or having an entire museum shut down for a few hours so you can look at famous works of art on your birthday?

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Yes, peeps, these luxury VIP experiences can happen! And, they do! But you gotta dream big! And work your tail off. And then get to the point where you win an Oscar, or produce a platinum album, or come up with a digital platform like Facebook! I mean, you ever wonder why you don’t see Tom Cruise buying clothes or dining out? It’s because they shut down Michelin restaurants and all of the boutiques for him on the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris so he can shop and enjoy a meal with his friends without a bunch of groupie girls trying to take pictures with him! Money equals privacy, but most of all it offers ACCESS to top luxury VIP experiences that most of us just fantasize about. BUT… if you’re a young entrepreneur or talented creative on the rise, here’s what you can look forward to when you make it big!

Private Concierge Service

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Let’s start with luxury concierge services because they are the backbone of the entire VIP experience. I mean, seriously, if you have the bucks to take a private plane to a vacation destination, you aren’t going to be booking your own travel on Expedia (!), you’re going to pay someone to make the arrangements for you! And, believe me, private concierge services aren’t just glorified travel agents or event planners! (Umm… wait, I resent that! Even though I wrote it! Carry on…)

Private concierge services have that illustrious “access” we were talking about earlier. They have connections to private islands and 20,000 sq. foot lakeside estates in Switzerland. If you’re “somebody” enough, they can get Katy Perry to perform at your birthday bash! Not a “somebody” yet?! Don’t worry, they can even execute simple requests, like finding front row sold-out tickets to a Broadway show, or having a museum, clothing boutique, or restaurant shut down so you and your entourage have the place all to yourself. And, guess what, The Party Goddess, yours truly(!),  just happens to provide private concierge service for elite clients!

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If you want to invite 50 people to the Maldives for your anniversary, I can plan the entire occasion from air travel and accommodations for all of your guests, to excursions and activities (you might want to charter a yacht while you’re there and scuba dive!) to party preparations including catering and entertainment. (Speaking of catering and entertainment, have you gotten yourself a copy of our Super Secret Party Tips yet? Definitely DO that!) Private concierge service is really the heart and soul of luxury living. And you don’t have to be uber-Jeff Bezos-rich to take advantage of it because, like I said, it’s great even for getting VIP tickets to concerts and sporting events. Here are a few names in the game when it’s time to build a relationship with a private concierge: Uhmmm… drum roll, please…. The Party Goddess! (duh!); GR8, a firm that specializes in European luxury experiences; Bluefish, experts in extreme adventure experiences (think submarine rides and flights into space with Elon Musk!); and PURE works with both private and corporate clients.

VIP Entertainment Experiences

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Not at the level of having a private concierge service quite yet? You still have options for VIP experiences that don’t require membership or 9-figure bank accounts. Major ticket sellers offer VIP packages for concerts that typically include front row seats, backstage passes, and a pre- or after-party invitation. Some include accommodations or limo service to the concert venue. VIP concert events run $2,000 – $5,000 per person, which is a nice treat for a special occasion.

Likewise, tickets to museum galas and New York fashion week are highly sought after VIP experiences that run around the same price as a headline concert. In Vegas, there are a number of firms that specialize in party and club entry for those who want to dance with the divas.

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Like food? Want Gordon Ramsay to come over to your house and cook (and/or maybe yell at you!) for your private dinner party? BookACelebrityChefUK.com can make it happen! Private culinary adventures with top chefs are other highly sought after experiences that don’t require credentials, just a big fat check! Or, for around $10,000, you can enjoy a cruise ship cooking class with top chefs. Thomas Keller of The French Laundry offers culinary events for passengers on Seabourn Cruise Line, Nobu Matsuhisa conducts classes on Crystal Cruises, and you can sometimes find Jamie Oliver on Royal Caribbean.

Private Transportation

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Limousine service is great and all, but the kind of private transportation I’m talking about is the kind with wings! Private planes used to be reserved for corporate bigwigs and celebrities but now there are private jet services designed to serve bon vivants of a more modest nature. If you’re accustomed to travelling first class on commercial airlines, you should consider a more elite way to fly! For less than a first class commercial airline ticket there are a number of options for arriving at your destination in style! And you can bring your pets without having to put them in the awful cargo area, which is a serious bonus! From companies like NetJet and JetSuite that offer Jet Cards and lease options to private “shuttles” which are scheduled flights that use private jets, you can fly for a few thousand dollars and enjoy the convenience of a small airport, a more luxurious environment and personal in-flight service. JetSmarter offers memberships that run from $5,000 to $15,000 with the latter giving you unlimited free shuttle flights. If you’re a frequent traveler, it really does make better financial sense to fly the private jet option.

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Luxury Travel

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No matter how luxurious a cruise ship or tour might be, there will inevitably be locations and activities along the way that just don’t float your boat. That’s where luxury travel operators come in. They can put together private custom adventures that journey ONLY to the places you want, with the kind of accommodations you like, on your schedule. No more 6 a.m. early rises to kayak through the fjords if you partied until 3 a.m. and just want to sleep in! (Or, like me and not a morning person EVER!) With a custom adventure, you decide when to start paddling! Abercrombie & Kent is one of the bigger luxury travel experts that can create fully custom itineraries that let you see the world the way you want to see it, no matter how obscure the location or how many people in your group.

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Ready to indulge in some luxury VIP experiences? The Party Goddess can help you celebrate (and you better believe I love destination events)! Still, if you want to keep the adventure closer to home, consider throwing a party and check out our Super Secret Party Tips Guide…(which isn’t exactly luxurious, but it’s FREE and that’s good too!) Hey, you have to save up for that jet!

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