Dessert Table Time!

Dessert tables have become all the rage lately.

I’m constantly amazed at all of the exciting things that are being done with them.

What a cool way to incorporate the idea of a chalkboard, right? This one from is just so super fabulous!

If you happen to be looking for something a bit more feminine, this one from is divine.

By incorporating different colors and levels you can accomplish a truly outstanding result.

Although it may look complicated, it’s such a cinch. After choosing your colors, just get some glass trays and jars together and arrange them in different heights (risers are always a handy item to stash underneath the linen). The decorating and placing of desserts will come naturally once the main pieces are in place.

Viola! You have yourself a super duper fabulous dessert table. Don’t forget to take pictures before the party begins!

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