Deep Dish This, It’s National Pizza Party Day!

Deep Dish This, It’s National Pizza Party Day!

Travel to pretty much any country in the world and you’ll find pizza. Why? Because it’s AMAZING! Yesterday, we showed you how to make homemade mozzarella for your pie (if you missed it, check that out)! If you’ve been thinking about having some friends over, but don’t want a lot of muss and fuss, this is YOUR day! Because it doesn’t really get any easier than a pizza party! Want to up the ante? Have a boozy pizza for your shindig!

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A couple months back we featured a bunch of alcoholic food recipes, one of which was a pizza that had the booze built right in! At Salvatore’s in Boston, they’ll card you if you order the Vignola Cherry Pizza. It’s topped with a bunch of goodies including prosciutto, gorgonzola, and fresh mozzarella. It also has… (wait for it!) cherries soaked in raspberry vodka! Sounds easy enough to duplicate at home for your pizza party celebration, right?!

Want to make the evening even more exciting? Add more alcohol! (#Kidding/NotKidding!) Even if you don’t have a fancy brick oven in your kitchen, one of the other things that makes having a pizza party fun is letting guests build their own pizzas by offering an array of toppings. Pick up some dough and sauce, assorted meat toppings, and some veggies (or just all veggies), and you’ve got yourself a party where you barely have to cook!

No matter how you celebrate National Pizza Party Day, be proud knowing that you’re adding to the 3 billion pizzas eaten in the U.S. each year! If that stat doesn’t call for a drink, I don’t know what does. For more boozy recipes to please your party peeps, check out Alcoholic Foods Will Change The Way You Party! Cheers!

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