Deconstructing Deconstructed Cheesecake

So, we were thoroughly intrigued by the terminology “deconstructed cheesecake” that has increased in popularity over the past few months and did some foodie investigating that we want to share.

Berries and fruit in the summer are too good to be true, unless they are whisked up into a decadent cheesecake, and then they simply reach an unattainable level of scrumptious. Deconstructed cheesecake might just lend itself to highlighting those sweet fruit flavors even more as the elements of the cheesecake are broken down and separated on the dessert plate. The heavy graham cracker crust and thick cream cheese no longer overpower the buoyant berries when separated on a plate.

Interpretations of the simple idea of separating the cheesecake components vary greatly. We think layering in a martini glass is fun as the striped layers create a colorful visual. When separated out on a plate, the consumer usually welcomes this decadent dessert because it tends to end the meal on a lighter note with its altered smaller portions. We can’t decide if we like to scoop a morsel of each component onto one spoonful or enjoy each aspect of the dessert by itself. But we do know what we are ordering for dessert tonight on our date!

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  1. I love CHEESECAKE! When I was 16 I worked for Allessi’s Bakery in Tampa, Florida besides getting a great loaf of Cuban Bread or a fresh Guava Pastry Allessi’s made a killer cheesecake! My favorite till this day is just your basic Cherry on top Cheesecake (:

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