Colorstrology 101 (You Can Thank Me Later)

Who Knew There Are So Many Shades!

I am fascinated by how color trends take us by storm. One season it seems like the most popular color combo is chocolate and robin’s egg blue or chartreuse and the next season it’s red and beige. I know that event colors also get dictated by fashion and that there is a whole mysterious world of color managers out there, but sometimes it’s fun just to look at colors without having to make any big plans for them. In my next life I swear that I am going to come back as this refined, beige and cream person with perfect creases in her pants, surrounded by a sea of pristine white flowers. In the meantime, I always seem to have a little bit of cappuccino somewhere on my person and my color palate tends more towards pink leopard and cheetah and an extremely vibrant orange.

Now enter another fascination of mine: astrology. Sooooo, I’ve found the perfect match! Colorstrology. If you want to do something fun and get inspired, visit . It’s a very cool website that asks you to enter your birthdate. Once you do that, a color unique to your special day pops up and tells you all kinds of fun stuff. I just lovvvve it. But then who doesn’t like to hear themselves talk, I mean, read about themselves? The added bonus? You can send a really hip e-card from Colorstrology. No more dancing pink hippos with lame music, time for something sophisticated.

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