Celebrate That Special Grad

Everyone wants to show their graduate just how proud they are of their accomplishment by throwing a party they’ll never forget. Let The Party Goddess! show you how to glam up your graduation party without breaking the bank.


* Watermelon Pops! On a hot summer’s day, especially after sitting out at a graduation ceremony, guests are going to want cool, light treats. Cut watermelon into triangles and serve on a popsicle stick! This less of a mess snack is super refreshing.


* Let the world and the tables revolve around the graduate! For the centerpieces, use items that were important to the graduate during school. Did they play varsity soccer? Write for the school newspaper? Place a soccer ball and the most recent issue of the school paper in the middle of the tables. This will make him or her feel like the center of attention.


* Places You’ll Go! As guests enter the party have them write their well wishes for the new graduate! The perfect guest book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.


* Cheers! The morning of the graduation begin to prep the best sangria ever! The longer it marinates the yummier! Oranges, lemons, apples, peaches and limes mixed with simple syrup, 7Up and red wine with brandy. This colorful drink can work double-duty as a delicious cocktail and nice eye candy too.


* Cookie Bar! The graduate must be one smart cookie! Jars filled with all kinds of cookies are a great dessert for your guests. Don’t forget the milk or “Adult Chocolate Milk.”


* Graduation robes are modeled after clerical robes, the traditional garb of students and professors when universities began forming in the 13th century

* In the late 1800’s colors were assigned to signify certain areas of study at undergraduate and graduate levels of study

* The official name of the graduation march is “Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches,” and it was written in 1901

* Money is the most popular graduation gift.

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