Backyard Love!

198299189812738395_PvFfWG3z_f1Oh So Pretty!

What a lovely way to dress up an empty wall or fence in the backyard! When I saw this on I knew what my weekend project (one of these weekends) was going to be.

Honestly, it’s a lot easier than you think. Not too expensive either. Here are the instructions and all of the information you’ll need in order to have a beauty like this of your own.

How Trays Work: Similar to nursery flats, these rectangular, plastic trays are divided into planting cells — all slanted at a 30-degree angle, with bottom holes that promote drainage and aeration. Each tray comes with a bracket for mounting, though you’ll need to add a wood frame to achieve the “wall art” look above.

Plant Them With: Succulents like these, which have shallow root systems, are well-suited for trays with 2″ x 2″ cells. Opt for the larger 4″ x 4″ cells when planting small annuals, perennials, and edibles (such as lettuce). Speaking of edibles, you might want to check out this guide which provides a list of the most cost efficient crops that will provide the highest return on your plate and your wallet. Because hey, who doesn’t love to save a little cash?!

Here’s another source of vertical garden ideas that we discovered and LOVE! Let us know if you do too!

Well, now that you’ve got your backyard looking so fabulous, you’ll need our FREE Super Secret Party Tips Guide to show it off to your closest friends!

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