6 Budget Wedding Tips

Budget Diva Checking In!

Yes, The Party Goddess! can stick to a budget. My ex-husbands would disagree, but I’m sure I can come up with some great testimonials to the contrary. Whether you’re getting married or know someone who might be, please pass these helpful hints along. They can save someone in your life thousands!

Facts & Figures:

  • The average age of a bride in the US is 25.3 years old.
  • The average age of a groom in the US is 26.9 years old.
  • The average wedding budget is $20,000. (OK, I’ll get the snarky comment out of the way for you: “They obviously haven’t met The Party Goddess.” Ha Ha. Now that that’s over with…)
  • $1,016 is the average cost of wedding rings for the bride and groom.
  • The average honeymoon budget is $3,657. (For sure they haven’t met The Party Goddess.)
  • Most wedding guest spend between $70 and $100 on a gift.
  • $19 billion per year is spent on wedding gift registries.
  • $72 billion per year is spent on weddings.

Tips and Tricks!

  1. Pick an off day, like a Friday night or Sunday afternoon (Sunday nights of a long holiday weekend are great!)
  2. Choose an off month – think January through March – and up your negotiating power.
  3. Ditch the favors and concentrate on beautiful linens instead.
  4. Borrow a cake server and knife from a friend or relative.
  5. Bail on the full bar and go for beer, wine and a signature cocktail (or two!)
  6. Tailor the menu, serve what’s in season and consider doing something at an off time (a mid-afternoon tea, heavy hors d’oeuvres or later in the evening fabulous dessert buffet.)

Comment and let me know some of your Budget Wedding Tips… XO


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