5 Fun Minute-To-Win-It Games For Kids Parties!

5 Fun Minute-To-Win-It Games For Kids Parties!

Wanna get more giggles out of guests at your next kids party? If you’ve already done a piñata, here are 5 fun Minute-To-Win-It Games courtesy of guest blogger Puja Joshi.


By Puja Joshi

These activities gained popularity some years back after being featured on television game shows. The game usually consists of participants getting 60 seconds to complete a task using daily household items. That’s great for YOU because you can easily pick up all of the supplies you’ll need at your local dollar store.

Minute-To-Win-It Games are awesome because they energize kids with a dash of competitiveness. And we all know kids LOVE winning prizes! Try them out at your next birthday bash or kids kickback event!

Hut Hut Hike!

This is a great game for the young ones! Not only is it easy to get this game going, it’s extra fun for kids who play sports like football, rugby, basketball, and soccer. You’ll need several dozen soft rubber balls and “hoops” which you can make from hula hoops, plastic tubing or swimming pool noodles. If you don’t have a way to suspend the hoop with string (like on a tree branch or fence), have one of the kids from each team hold the hoop.

In teams of three, one player snaps the balls, one player shoots the balls, and the third players keeps score of the balls making it through the hoop. With only 60-seconds, the team who scores the most balls through the hoop wins!  

Defy Gravity!

Most birthday parties have balloons, and that’s all you need to organize this game. It requires just a few balloons and some open space where people can juggle the balloons. The game is simple: Each player juggles three balloons at a time for 60-seconds without letting the balloon hit the ground. If a balloon hits the ground, that player is out. If there is more than one player left by the end, they compete in a new round until there is just one winner!

The Cookie Face

This is a fun game to play, and it’s equally amusing to watch as a spectator! It doesn’t require any sort of equipment, but you will need a few scrumptious cookies! The rules are simple: place a cookie on your forehead and without using your hands, try to get the cookie into your mouth! Wait, what?! Hey, I said the rules were simple, not the actual game! Just your facial muscles should be used to complete the cookie’s journey! The person who eats the most cookies in 60-seconds is the winner. This is a tough one!

Suck It Up!

This game requires only a few straws and candy pieces (like M&Ms, Necco Wafers, or Starburst). Anything in the shape of gems. Players must use their mouth’s suction power to nail the game with precision. The rules are simple. Align two plates and fill one with at least a dozen pieces of candy.

Using the straw, each player must “suck” candy pieces, one at a time, and move it to the empty plate. Don’t let the candy fall off the straw! The person who moves the most pieces onto the empty plate is deemed the winner!

Spoon It Up!

For this game all you’ll need are a few ping pong balls, plastic spoons, and good, round non-edgy bowls. This is a great one even for adults! Almost everything you can find in your kitchen, and ping pong balls aren’t that expensive. To play, each person holds a spoon in their mouth, and without using their hands, must scoop up a ping pong ball from one bowl and place it in the empty bowl. The person with the most balls in the bowl wins! You can find more minute-to-win-it games here.

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Have your own Minute-To-Win-It Games you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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