5 Fun Halloween Party Ideas!

Halloween Party Ideas

Some of you know that I have a special hankering for live tv. Small talk at a cocktail party for five? No way. Live tv for 1 million? No problem. Frightening, I know! Here’s a link to last Friday’s live episode with CBS in Los Angeles. Check it out here or just poach these tips!

* Fun Food! Go deep with the themed food. Cost Plus World Market has TONSSSSS of it right now. Think Blood Orange Chocolate, Pumpkin Pop Rocks for a cool sugared martini (or mocktail rim), and even Halloween Pasta! Hint: If you live in Pasadena, go see my boy, Alan, the manager there.

* Party Pumpkins! Instead of carving out pumpkins this year, add a little glam with glitter or sequins. This DIY sitch is PERFECT if you’re totally over scooping out pumpkins or are worried about the little ones scaring up some real blood, and not in a good way.

* Neon Night! Grab a clear jar and create fun glow stick pumpkin jars to illuminate the porch at your haunted house. Use old pickle jars or even interesting empty tequila numbers.

* Painted Poison! Don’t run out and purchase new Halloween décor! Start saving old condiment bottles and spray paint them black to look like bottles of poison.

* Dare to Doodle! Create a trendy wood slice chalkboard and encourage your guests to create Halloween chalk art! A fun activity that doubles as décor. We found one in our stash that looked a little Frankenstein head-ish (that’s my magical grainy Franken-selfie at the top of this post) and painted it with chalk. Other fun options include writing the menu or featured specialty cocktail.

So what do you think? What are your favorite Halloween party tricks. Sound off in the comments below!

And find many more party planning ideas in this guide. It’s FREE because we love ya!

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P.S. Looking for more fun ideas? You can always check my Pinterest board for what’s exciting me now!

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