5 Fun Floral Decor Ideas

Think Outside The Vase!

Gorgeous flowers are at the heart of sophisticated and elegant décor.  Carefully selected and beautifully arranged flowers set the tone and create a joyful atmosphere for guests.  Because there are so many varieties and so many ways to arrange them, flowers can define the formality or casual nature of any event.

Flowers spark creativity and inspire the imagination.  Whether you’re looking for bright vivid colors, soft muted pastels, or deep rich hues, Mother Nature has a flower for you.  From simple and pretty to sleek and sophisticated to wild and exotic, floral arrangements help to paint your grand vision for a spectacular event.

What’s my best tip for fun floral decor?  Think outside the vase!

Flower Petal Carpet

You’ve seen traditional runners replaced by a carpet of rose petals create a lush aisle for a bride to walk down. But flower petal carpets can be used in other unexpected ways.

Indian Garland

What’s more outrageously festive than bright Bollywood style décor? Nathan Turner of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators recently transported his guests to an exotic Indian garden party, with bold orange garland taking center stage.

Courtesy of elledecor.com

Rustic Charm

Add an interesting touch to a buffet setting by suspending recycled glass bottles, filled with pops of color.  This would be ideal for an outdoor party in a mountain or rural setting, or to remind the guests of the host’s rustic roots.

5 Fun Floral Decor Ideas-hanging bottles image
Photo by JonathanOng.com

Unexpected Vessels

Dare to do something different by using an unexpected item for a flower vessel. Why use a boring old vase when you can use an antique typewriter?  Of course, be sure to select something relevant to the theme or to the host.

Courtesy of thebridalcountdown.blogspot.com

Floating Orbs

Nothing says fun modern floral design like the flower ball trend. Whether hanging from a chair by ribbon or stacked in glass bowls as center pieces, flower balls put a twist on the traditional floral arrangement.  Monochromatic arrangements add a strong color statement, and I think this floating installment is an especially cool idea.

Courtesy of popsugar.com

Remember, flowers are versatile and festive, so you can be innovative and have fun with them!  Do you any fun floral decor ideas? Post your pics below!

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