5 Creative Birthday Celebrations for Kids – Minus the Sibling Rivalry!

What is a parent to do?! Their child’s birthday is just around the corner and they don’t want the sibling to feel left out! No worries let The Party Goddess! show you how to creatively incorporate the other child into your birthday bash.


* Come One! Come All! Make your party fun for everyone and invite the friend’s siblings to join in on the festivities your birthday party is sure to bring. Make sure you get an accurate count. You wouldn’t want to run out of food and prizes!

* Snacks for Two! Serve snacks to the kid’s in a fun tray with several different compartments. Include foods that are known to go good together such a PB&J sandwiches, apples and bananas or cheese and crackers.

* Big Kid Table!  Let the big kids of the party have their own table! This will help break up the kid’s and let them bond with children around their age.

* Bite Size Dessert! Serve up some delicious banana split bites. All you need to do is cut up pieces of bananas, dip into hardening chocolate and add some whip cream and cherries on top! Don’t forget to serve with a side of ice cream.

*  Snap Shot!  Create a fun picture scavenger hunt for the kid’s to play. Include things like sibling love or biggest smile on the list and have them take a snapshot with their disposable cameras!

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