4 Easy Steps To Creating A Hanging Centerpiece!

4 Easy Steps To Creating A Hanging Centerpiece!

I absolutely LOVE creating tablescapes! There are a thousand details and moving parts when it comes to hosting an event (or even just having friends over to the house), but putting together an eye-catching centerpiece that’s colorful and captures the theme is still one of my favorite parts of the job! I’m always trying to outdo the one I did last. So, when I heard about this super cool hanging centerpiece featured on FTD, I had to share it with you all!

Click on the link above to get step-by-step instructions, plus a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to make an impressive work of art you suspend from the ceiling over a table! The example offers fall colored flowers, but you can select whatever color palette works for you! Try holiday greenery with ornaments, sea grasses and shells, or ornamental berries and in-season flowers! Be as creative as you like and share your images with us on our Facebook page!

Looking for other decorating ideas? Check out Geometric Table Decor Ideas and DIY Converting Existing Spaces For A Fab Party! We’ve also got great cocktail recipes and the latest event trends! I’m bringing it up because it’s holiday o’clock, lovelies! If you’re planning a corporate party or would like to throw a really big bash that will have people talking, contact us so that we can create the best event you ever imagined!


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