10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!

A new year is almost here! And we think that’s a pretty good excuse to celebrate! I know you’ve probably been partying a lot lately and maybe even getting a little worn out from all the fun, but this is the last hurrah before it’s time to buckle down again, so make it count! I mean, seriously, kicking out the old to make room for the new? That’s pretty worthy of a champagne toast, right?! Don’t answer that. Just listen. We’ve got 10 awesome New Year’s party hacks so that you can auld lang syne it with friends and loved ones without the muss and fuss!

1. Make It Social

The picture of champagne flowing down into a pyramid of glasses perfectly illustrates the little fantasy of a party I’d like to throw. No cares. No worries. Champagne pouring everywhere. Then, reality sets in! And I realize that this would be super messy and difficult to clean up. Not to mention expensive and wasteful, and not really what hosting a party is all about.

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!
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We are all busy, so New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to relax and unwind. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Stick to easy appetizers and one fun “house” cocktail rather than worrying about cooking or setting up a bar. Plan some games and activities so that guests have fun ways to interact. In the end, casual events are usually far more fun than fancy soirees.

2. Create Countdown Bags

Since your credit cards are probably maxed out from last month’s Christmas and Hanukkah shopping, buying more presents for people is probably the last thing you’d like to do! Believe me, I hear ya! That’s why I LOVE “gifts” that aren’t really gifts (and don’t cost much!). New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags are a simple DIY craft that makes guests feel special and keeps the kids entertained. Yet, they don’t require much effort. Simply take a paper bag and decorate the outside with a clock and date. You can find downloadable/printable designs on theidearoom.net to make the clocks. Use them as party favor bags to hold noisemakers and streamers for each guest, or you can offer them as  “activity bags” for the kids and toss in a few dollar store items like Mardi Gras beads, mini puzzles, or crayons.

3. Accessorize

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!
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Parties are all about taking photos and posting them to social media! So, provide fun party hats, boas, plastic sunglasses, and party horns for people to play with during the party. It’ll make photo taking that much more fun!

4. Calendar Swap

Have each guest bring a fun, unique calendar for the coming year, wrapped but with no name. Place all of the wrapped calendars into a box so that guests can select (and trade!) with others to take home something for the New Year. Not only is this a fun (yet practical!) gift, it’ll remind friends of the good times they had at your party throughout the year.

 5. BYOB

How To (Throw A) Party Like A Celebrity!
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Advise guests to “bring your own bubbly” so that you aren’t shouldering the cost for all of the liquor. You’ll be surprised by the variety of drinks you’ll have available for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening.

6. Dress Up Your Drinks

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!
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Booze is pricey. That’s why I advocate for limiting your cocktail options to one or two signature drinks. But that doesn’t mean they have to look boring! Nothing screams fabulous like a decked out drink. By having a well-garnished drink, guests will feel they’re getting something special even if it’s just a basic margarita! From tinted smoked sea salts to superfine sugar that’s colored with just a drop of food coloring, you can turn an ordinary cocktail into something beautiful. For instance, crushed graham crackers are gorgeous on a chocolate martini. Or, you can rim a flute with pink sugar for a Champagne cocktail.

7. Play Music From Across The Years

Go Old School With A Retro Cocktail Party!
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Everyone knows (or maybe they don’t, so I’m telling you now!) that you MUST plan your party music ahead of time! I’ve probably said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: there is nothing worse than walking into a party and hearing crickets! To make your playlist even more fun and New Year’s Eve centric, arrange the songs so that every hour features the top hits from a particular decade. So, if your party starts at 6 pm, you can kick things off with music from the 60s. At 7 pm, you’ll segue to songs from the 70s. And so on, and so forth!

8. Whimsical Decor

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!
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If you have your Christmas lights up still, you’ve already got some ambiance ready to go. Add funky vinyl decals to trick out your walls with fun sayings (new year resolutions), the empire state building, or booze bottles. Disco balls are always a fun touch in your living room. Or, you can places tree branches in vases and hang “clocks” from ribbons.

9. Edible Glitter!

10 Party Hacks For A New Year’s Eve That Pops!
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Want to make your whole party sparkle? Transform ordinary store bought sweets into something special by dusting it with shimmering edible glitter! Cookies, cupcakes, donuts, caramel apples – you name it, you can fancy it up! Plus, sparkling desserts beautifully arranged on a platter can do double-duty as your table centerpiece!

10. Mocktails For “Designated Drivers”

Nothing screams “I’m the designated driver!” like requesting club soda at a New Year’s bash! Now that there are ride services like Lyft and Uber, there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel wasted and you don’t even need to have one poor schmuck in the group sit out the fun by being the designated driver! Nonetheless, there will always be a few people that don’t drink alcohol. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have something fun to drink! Create a fun mocktail with passion fruit juice and ginger ale and remember to dress it up with fancy fruit garnishes!

We’re super psyched for the new year and all of the new, exciting things we have in store for you all! Thanks for sharing the ride with us and may the new year bring happiness, laughter, love and success! (Did I cover it all?!)

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