10 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love

10 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love

We’ve all been to the annual company snoozefest. The so-called “party” where you make a quick appearance, choke down a few nibbles and then duck out the first chance you get! Been to one of those?? If you run a business and this is what your corporate holiday party looks like, YOU AREN’T DOING IT RIGHT!

Fear not! They don’t call me The Party Goddess for nuthin’! I’ve created some mind-blowing corporate events over the years where people who don’t even work for the company “crash” to get in! If that’s the kind of holiday event you want to treat your team to, give me a ring and we’ll put together a bash your crew will be bragging about for years to come!

Just looking for ideas? We’ve got those too! How about a FREE guide to plan a party like a top event planner! And, here are 10 Corporate Holiday Party ideas that will wrap your staff in magic and merriment this holiday season:

Escape Room

Nothing says teambuilding like holding people hostage until they can solve puzzles, riddles and clues in order to achieve victory! Designed by theme park engineers and top-notch video game designers, ‘escape rooms’ are all the rage because they’re both sophisticated and fun!

Red Carpet Treatment

10 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love

Okay, maybe you don’t have the budget to rent out a ballroom or hire live entertainment this holiday, but you can make a modest, ho-hum get together seem special by creating a red carpet entrance to your party by 1) renting an actual red carpet; and 2) hiring a pro photographer to capture folks on arrival!

Giveaways & Raffles

Another great way to make sure people don’t want to dine and dash is to raffle off prizes like gift cards and sporting event tickets. If you include big ticket items like Apple TVs, they’ll for sure stay ‘til the end!

Photo & Video Booths

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Photo and video booths are another inexpensive way to make the occasion more fun (or embarrassing, depending on how much imbibing has gone on!). Purchase a selection of whimsical props like hats, scarves, boas, sunglasses and beads for people to dress up in. At The Party Goddess!, we rent out Gifyyy devices, which are great for large groups because they can capture up to 20 people at a time. Call us for details!

Scavenger Hunt

Turn your party into an adventure by having your employees complete tasks on a list! Boost engagement using Twitter and Instagram to announce their progress throughout the evening, unexpected surprises or setbacks, and, of course, the winning team!

Casino Night

10 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love

I’ve orchestrated Casino Night at a number of corporate events over the years. With a roulette wheel and a few poker and blackjack tables, your employees can gamble the night away and donate what they win to their favorite charity. It’s a great way for people to give back.

Masquerade Party

Who says costumes are just for Halloween?! Dress up parties are another inexpensive way to get your employees excited about your holiday bash. Get creative with a theme like ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ or step back in time to your favorite era with a Gangster Party, the Swingin’ Sixties, or the Holly Jolly Big Hair 80s Party!

Meals On Wheels

Rather than resorting to run-of-the-mill catering, hire everyone’s favorite food trucks for a casual event that provides an eclectic menu of tasty treats.

Music Makes the Moment

10 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love

Who’s gonna turn down a free concert?! No one! Hosting a holiday party with live entertainment is another sure fire way to get employees excited about attending this year’s soiree!

Awards Ceremony

By creating a combo holiday-slash-awards banquet, you have an authentic way to give thanks and recognize your employees’ contributions throughout the year.

No matter where you host your corporate holiday party, whether it’s at the office, in a restaurant, or at a large event venue, chances are you’ll need to rent some equipment! AAA Rents & Events offers tables, chairs, portable bars, glassware, dishes and serving items. They also have A/V equipment like speakers, screens, lighting (disco balls and strobe lights anyone?!), portable generators, and experts available to set everything up!

Want more party planning ideas? Well, how about this FREE guide of 65 Super Secret Party Tips?

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If you’re tasked with putting together this year’s office holiday party, check out our gallery of corporate events we’ve helped put together!

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  1. We have found you have to be careful at corporate events with the photo booths. We once sent copies of the photos on disc to the female owner of the company, turns out one of the images was her husband and her sister fooling around in the photo booth semi naked.

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