10 Colorful Cocktail & Candy Party Images

Who Doesn’t Love A Signature Cocktail Or Colorful Candy?

Cocktail & Candy Party-recap image

Well, as you can see, this event was not ALL about the cocktails and candy, but they were a pretty significant part. And color seemed to abound in this event photos and inspiration weekly roundup.

If you’ve been one of my loyal blog followers, you know that we publish these image roundups regularly. We feature a particular event for a particular client so you can go deep on the particular theme. If you know what’s up, skip this part, new visitors, hola and the gig is below…

In case you missed it, here’s what we’re doing, mentioned in the first blog (and if you already know what’s going on, skip to the first photo!): Every day we’re posting event photos & inspiration to my Instagram page to give you ideas for your own events, and of course, encourage you to hire yours truly, one of the top party planners in Los Angeles for your next soiree! In terms of format, we’re trying to capitalize on the whole hashtag calendar world and take advantage of #WeddingWednesday (#WW) and #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) by posting wedding photos and cool stuff we’ve done on Wednesdays and on Thursdays, harkening back to a past client’s event, be it a celebrity, or just one of us tastemakers.

Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Monday:

Color block your traditional veggie tray!

Cocktail & Candy Party-vegetable image
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For all you meat lovers…sirloin sliders with tomato aioli!

Cocktail & Candy Party-sliders image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Tuesday:

You can’t go wrong with this assortment of cheeses, nuts and grapes!

Cocktail & Candy Party-cheese image
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A signature cocktail…a must have! And it tastes even better in this martini glass that lights up!

Cocktail & Candy Party-cocktail image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Wednesday:

Colorful flowers, the perfect pop to our black and white table covers (#WW)! Did I mention that Christine Chang took these fabulous photos?

Cocktail & Candy Party-flowers image
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You can never have too much red licorice…yum!

Cocktail & Candy Party-licorice image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Thursday:

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT). Flashback to classic ’80s songs for a unique specialty drink menu!

Cocktail & Candy Party-menu image
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Jelly Bellies…always a favorite!

Cocktail & Candy Party-Jelly Belly image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Friday:

Flowers as bright and colorful as the candy!

Cocktail & Candy Party-decor image
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Scoop up this fun treat and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Cocktail & Candy Party-candy image
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Event Photos and Inspiration – Plus, tell me what else you want to see on the blog!:

Which is your favorite event image and please share your fav party theme these days? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo M

P.S. If you love cocktails, check out The Skinny Girl Margarita Exposed. Do you like to throw parties? This is a must… I’m Having a Party, How Much Booze Do I Buy? Looking for some cocktail recipes? Take a look at How to Perfectly Mix 5 Classic Cocktails. Cocktail or candy…why choose? Try this bubblegum-tini! And add a rock candy stick to your signature cocktails. Do you have a candy obsession? Have you tried Hammond’s Ribbon Candy? You can find more interesting blogs and images on our website, or just call us to book your next event!

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