Witchy Wine Labels!

It’s no secret. We love ETSY! Take a look at these witch-tastic wine bottle labels that we found (made by magicpug.com). What a fabulous idea to spice up your Halloween party! Truth is, you can add these labels to just about anything. They’re unique, eye-catching, and absolutely amazing! Magicpug.com has so many creative digital pieces. Many of them come in the form of Digital Collage Sheets and can be used for anything from bottle labels to making your own pendant jewelry. Another crafty idea is to order some of their vintage Halloween graphics and make your own pinback button badges.

Just imagine how much fun it would be to take these images and make your own button badges! They have every vintage design in the book. Whether you’re looking for a scary witch or a spooky black cat, they have the design and you can let your creativity flow. Small details can be very exciting. Sitting down with friends and family to make them seems like all of the fun. Just wait until you see everyone’s reactions!

Another fun idea is to use these sheets for a very fun decoupage project. The possibilities are endless. An entire party could be constructed by coming up with all kinds of creations from this site. We will be working on several other types of Halloween projects in the next few weeks.

We will have everything from fun and unique candy bags to a Tower of Terror ensemble of decor. Stay tuned for all of these and more!


















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