What Ideas Provoke You To Create?

Did you know that you can build an entire event out of just one piece of inspiration? By finding that one thing, you can brainstorm and build your theme more easily than you might think.

Take this striped bag from www.etsy.com for instance. When I look at it I can see something whimsical, bright, and well…different.

By adding that to my inspiration board I can build from there. Step by step.

We tend to try to do too many things at once, but if you take the time to go through each motion individually you will see how fun and stress-free it can truly be. The striped bags brought my attention to these mason jars with striped straws from www.hostessblog.com

One design takes you to another and soon you find yourself with a bright and whimsical theme like this.

Just think of all of the new and exciting designs that are out there to spark and stimulate your creativity.

Give yourself a challenge and start an inspiration board today.

Chime in and let us know what you’re working on now. What ideas provoke you to create?





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