The Holidays…Again?!

Of course I should be the first person to realize that it’s the holidays,
considering it is my business and pretty much my whole life! However, like
a lot of people, December always seems to sneak up on me.

Over the weekend, I was really inspired by the barrage of ads that talked
about all kinds of cool gifts for under “xyz” dollar amount and then I got
motivated. I thought, wait a minute, we’ve got cool gifts at REALLY great
prices as well. So, on behalf of, here is our shameless
holiday promotion for great gift sets at $100 or less. BUT, if you check
out “Itty Bitty Add-Ons” at the bottom right of the site, you’ll find
everything a la carte for $7-$30!

To give you some ideas, I’m giving you a list of fun stuff in all
different price ranges. There are so many people that we’ve got to take
care of: babysitters, assistants, the boss, housekeeper, masseuse,
girlfriend, the hostesses of all of your upcoming parties, teachers,
principals, mailman, trash man…you get the picture. Rush shipping is
available on everything, or if you’re local to our office in Los Angeles,
you can do a “will call” for your party 9-1-1’s.

Enjoy all of this fun stuff and Happy Holidays from all of us at The Party
Goddess! You’ve made our year unforgettable – now let us do the same for


* Wine slips trimmed in red maribou (Item #: 00e-Wine-Slip)

* Boas in purple, lavender or black (Item #s: 00i-Boa-SPU, 00j-Boa-SL,
00k-boa-S B )

* Cool Goddess candles: “We’re So Done” for your buddy who’s dumped their
significant other before the holidays (Item #:00p-C-Done), “You’re the
Bomb”, “1-2-3-Let’s Rage”, “Baja or Bust” and “Tequila to Go”, all just for
fun (Item #s:00q-C-Bomb, 00-C-Rage, 00s-C-Baja, 00t-C-Teq)

* Xtreme Quarters drinking game (Item #: 00x-DrinkG)


* Freezarita Regular, Lemon Drop and Cosmopolitan, all you need is ice and
the booze (Item #: 003-Frz-R, 004-Frz-LD, 005-Frz-C)

* Lite Ice Cubes, set of 4, that make your beverages glow! (Item #:

* Feather Glass Slippers, set of 4 in black or pink, great to adorn all of your footed glasses

* Hula Glass Slippers, set of 4, multicolored (00c-Hula)

* Cheetah Covered Cocktail Shaker and Slip (Item #: 00d-Shak-Slip)

* Mini Colored Cocktail Shakers, set of 4 (Item #: 00f-Cockt4)

* Large Boa, baby pink (Item #: 00g-Boa-Lg)

* Tiara, for the goddess in all of us (Item #: 00l-Tiara)

* Pick-Up Lines, test your knowledge of your favorite flicks (Item #:

* For packing: Colorful, cool wastebaskets in purple, blue, green, yellow,
orange and red that we like to use to pack up gifts or as ice buckets to
chill your beverages! (Item #s: 00y-WB-P, 00z-WB-B, 010-WB-G, 011-WB-Y,
012-WB-0, 013-WB-R)

* Also great for packing CD’s, office junk, etc, Clear Stuff Boxes (Item
#: 014-LookSf) or the Small or Medium Sized, Purple or Ice Blue Suitcases
(Item #s: 015-LookSu-S, 016-LookSu-M) or the Mesh Lunch Box (Item #:


* Wand, for the bossy goddess in all of us (Item #: 00m-Sep)

* Margarita 101, everything you need to make a dynamite margarita! (Item
#: 001-M101)

* Cosmopolitan 101, everything you need to make a dynamite cosmopolitan!
(Item #: 002-C101)

* Neon Margarita Glasses, set of 4, battery operated that turn into 7
different colors/patterns (Item #: 006-Neon-Mrg)

* Neon Martini Glasses, set of 4, battery operated that turn into 7
different colors/patterns (Item #: 007-Neon-Mrt)

* Goddess Gift Set, full powdered body wash, liquid body wash, body
lotion, bar soap, and a loofah (Item #: 00n-Godd-Pk)

* Ex-Boyfriend Drama Pak for your buddy who’s dumped their significant
other before the holidays (Item #: 00o-Ex-Pk)

* Rorshock Cards (Item #: 00u-Rorsh)

* For packing: Large size, green suitcase (Item #: 017-LookSu-L)

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