Flight From Hell To Orlando, Florida TSE [VIDEO]

Flight From Hell - Featured

Not Even The Flight From Hell Can Bring This Goddess Down! As most of you know, Marley is in Orlando, Florida this week for The Special Event 2016 conference. (Oh, believe me, I’m jealous too but that’s another blog post on its own!) Well, she hasn’t been enjoying the 61 degree weather while we’re […]

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Share Your Fave Goddess Moment!

Goddess Moment - Blog

Channel Your Inner Party Goddess Moment & Share! Vodka & Donuts are the new milk and cookies as far as we’re concerned over here. So we got a great new idea about asking our fellow goddesses to share THEIR favorite Goddess Moment for a chance to win some very fun […]

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Do It Yourself!

Well, this just makes me want to run out to the nearest nursery and pick up a few clay pots! Gone are the days of going to vintage and resale stores hoping to find some crystal plates and glasses to piece together and use. Now you can just walk in […]

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Fabulous Looking Cookies

Getting prepped to throw a shower for your bestie? Well you don’t have to be an event planner in California to have some ridiculously fabulous looking cookies at your next event. Instead of ordering store bought cakes or cupcakes from a bakery, wow your playmate by making fab desserts on your own! […]

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Ribbon Love For Your Next Event

It’s time for some ribbon love for your next event! Why not? I have to admit, I’m kind of obsessed with all of the shades and possibilities now part of my ribbon love obsession. As a DIY’er using ribbon for your main decor plan, it definitely takes some patience bringing it […]

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Splash of Color

Want a Splash of Color at Your Next Event? The amount of DIY inspiration available to add a splash of color at your next event has reached an all-time high, and whether you’re an event planner in California, a wedding planner in Orange County or just someone obsessed with a splash […]

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