Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

Hey, it’s me… Marley’s assistant. No, I’m not normally the one to write up the blogs around here, but sometimes the cray-cray at Party Goddess headquarters is just too good not to share! As I was coming back from my late lunch on Monday, I spotted Marley (still in pajamas) hunched over in the corner! She did just get back from Montecito (her birthday weekend getaway), so it was safe to assume that she was just hungover.

I go inside, am minding my own business, when “voom, voom, voom.” What the heck?! Marley’s over there sewing the crap out of some burlap!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

A few things run through my mind:

  1. Since when did sewing machines get so loud?
  2. Now I know why no emails were getting answered.
  3. Burlap? It makes sense because she loves trash (you think I’m joking? (See here…) but, I also don’t think sewing your kids a burlap shirt or pillowcase will go over well.

Scratchy… But Versatile!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that Marley’s trash could probably end up in the museum. Ok, now I’m intrigued. I start asking questions, of course. Drum roll please…This burlap is going to be a stocking! Yes, really.

She spent a few free hours (rare) knitting a stocking together with a bunch of different yarns. Then, she traced the finished stocking onto the burlap (about 3 inches bigger on each side) and cut 2 of them out.

The knit stocking was sewn onto one of the burlap ones – this works well because then the knit stocking will keep the shape you sew. Plus, you won’t have to worry about putting heavy-ish things into some yarn that will stretch wayyyy out. Make sense?

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

She finished sewing the 2 burlap pieces together – one with the stocking attached, one without. They were sewn inside out so that you wouldn’t be able to see the seams after!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

And, voila, you have a one of a kind stocking, just in time for the holidays. Not bad for a hungover (yes, she had to have been) Party Goddess! But, of course, you’re not done yet if you have more than one kid! Unless sharing goes over realllllllyyyyyyy well in your house!

Now What???

Well, you’re going to need some stuffers to put in that DIY Christmas stocking masterpiece! Cuz nobody likes an empty Christmas stocking. Unless, you know, you’re just kind of a jerk like that. “You get nothing!” Yeah, don’t be that person. It’s the holidays. So, I did a little browsing around on one of our favorite sites, Brit + Co, for stocking stuffer ideas. They’ve already curated the bestest, funnest, coolest stuff out there and put them into handy little lists. Which is ideal for people (who shall remain nameless, ahem!) and don’t have time to curate themselves because they are too busy sewing stockings with a hangover in their pajamas!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

Got nerds to shop for? Sure you do! Here’s a list of Geeky Stocking Stuffers that includes LEGO mini cake pans and light saber chopsticks! Just need some cheapo stuff to toss in for the kids? Here’s an Under $20 list that includes Unicorn Farts (a.k.a. Cotton Candy), which is certain to get a few giggles, cool nail wraps, and whimsical school supplies! If you want super cheapo, Target has their famous $1 rack by the door, which has cute notepads, socks, toys, magnets, sippy cups and a whole bunch more!

Stockings Hung (Over) By The Chimney With Care!

Our ‘Hungover or Up To Something’ poll on Instagram is now closed, but let us know what you really think in the comments below! Maybe she wasn’t hungover or up to something, maybe she was bored or procrastinating on work? Idk, what do you think????

If you’re looking for other holiday tips or stuff to make after a bender (or cuz you like spending the day in your pajamas), check out some of the other seasonal stories you might have missed, including 15 Holiday Party Tips For Stocking Your Bar and 9 Holiday Movies For Celebrations & Good Cheer!

PLUS! Check out Marley’s must-have stocking stuffer!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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