Spring Fever Celebration Tips

Who said the 70’s are over? Bring back the flower power but with a touch of sunscreen! Let The Party Goddess! show you how to cure any spring fever with this fabulous earth friendly party. Dr.’s orders!

5 Spring Fever TIPS:   

* Green Thumb! March 12th is plant a flower day, so send a packet of seeds in the mail to all of your green thumbed friends! Put the details of your flower power party and be sure to tell them to bring their seeds for some spring fun.


* Flower Power! Create a potting station at your home or nearest park for your friends to come together and get their hands dirty! At the end of this fabulous party they will not only have a keepsake from your get together but it is also a great way to kick off the spring season.


* What’ a Party without a Cocktail?! A refreshing way to bring in the new season is to serve up some ice cold Mojitos. Have a mint plant handy for your friends to flavor their cocktail to taste. Worried about all the bugs that come with spring’s flowers? Grab some cute cupcake liners, flip them upside down to cover the top of your cup and poke a straw through! Enjoy your bug-free Mojito!


* On the Trail Again! Mix it up by providing an assortment of trail mix goodies! From chocolate chips to Chex Mix to dried fruit let your guests decide how to muddle up this traditional and nutritional snack! Complete your spring fever look by providing burlap bags for this delectable snack.


* Fever Runnin’ Hot! Get ready for the extra hours of sunlight. Stay hydrated and soak up the vitamin D without getting a sunburn! Glass jars filled with iced water, cucumbers and lemons will not only quench your thirst but add colorful splash! Galvanized buckets filled with sunscreen, sun hats and personal fans will keep your guests cool and wrinkle free!

Random Spring Fever FACTS & FIGURES:  

* During spring, the sun rises in the earlier hours of the morning and sets later on in the afternoon.

* In spring, the Earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun, increasing the number of daylight hours and bringing warmer weather that causes plants to bring forth new growth.

* After a bird’s winter migration they return in Spring to their original locations and set up shop once more building nests, feeding their young, hatching more eggs, just a plethora of nuances for all the birds to enjoy upon their return.

* Spring is referred to as the Vernal Equinox in which the length of night is the same as the length of day.

* If you stand at the equator on the first day of spring, you will see the sun pass directly overhead. This is only true two times a year; the first day of spring and the first day of autumn.

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