With Halloween second only to Christmas in terms of consumer spending, plenty of us think it’s the perfect reason to celebrate. I recently did a segment for Good Day Atlanta on how to throw a perfectly spooktacular event!

* Make Bloody Candles by taking a red candle and melting it onto white candles. Then display them in candelabras for the table centerpieces or the buffet.

* Decorate Your Party with a Theme. If you like classic monsters, decorate your whole party with monster props on everything from pumpkins to your scary lawn characters.

* Pumpkin Fun! Instead of carving out pumpkins this year, use cool vinyl decals to dress up your pumpkins instead. Less mess and many ways to play!

* A Spooky Feast! Instead of normal everyday munchies, add to the theme and create scary, but fun to eat foods like the eye-popping soup and the “severed finger” cheese sticks. They taste great and your kids will have a blast eating them.

* Adults Can Be Kids Too. Instead of lemonade, serve some “Ghoulade” for a howling good time. Take cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka, mix it together and add some ice cubes that are died black with vegetable coloring. Add edible treats like gummy worms or gumball eyes to make fabulously cool Halloween cocktails.

* Be Crafty. With so much talk about global warming and landfills that are overflowing, why not create a costume out of things that you have at home or find at flea markets and thrift stores?  Be creative and make a one of a kind costume. You can also make your own cool centerpiece out of assorted pumpkins and this way you don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing one! Besides, Mother Nature will love you all the more.

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