Pro Tips For Chilling And Serving Bubbly!

Pro Tips For Chilling And Serving Bubbly!
Photo by Christine Chang

A couple of weeks ago, we shared an article about sparkling wine and how great it is for summer entertaining! I mean, duh! Who doesn’t like crisp, refreshing bubbly! The article included Champagne cocktail recipes and a cool infographic on how to make a Champagne glass tower (#awesome)! This week we decided to share another cool infographic, this time from Joe Roberts and our friends at PartSelect, that offers pro tips for chilling and serving bubbly!

Pro Tips For Chilling And Serving Bubbly!

Sometimes The Cart Comes Before The Horse!

Yeah, I know. I probably should have told you the proper temperature for serving your sparkling wine BEFORE we showed you the whole tower making extravaganza. What can I say, I drank the kool-aid! Or in this case, sparkling wine! So, sue me. (Actually don’t sue me. Just pop open a darn bottle!)

Speaking Of Popping Open A Bottle…

Did you know you’re not actually supposed to hear a ‘pop’ if you opened the bottle correctly?! Say, what? That’s right! You run the risk of having your precious bubbly overflow out of the bottle (don’t waste the good stuff!) if you push the cork out with your thumb and make it fly across the room like a rocket being launched! Joe’s got all the pro tips you need for chilling and serving bubbly. You can check out the full article here!

Pro Tips For Chilling And Serving Bubbly!

What’s your favorite kind of sparkling wine? Let us know in the comments below!

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