Looking For A Pretty Little Signature Cocktail?

You Don’t Have To Be A Bride To Drink This Cocktail!

Signature cocktails have become quite common in the world of weddings lately.

Some are classic and others can show a creative side. It’s always so much fun to help your bride to navigate through the maze of choosing the details.

This version of the Blushing Bride is sure to please!

Today’s featured cocktail comes from acrimsonkiss.com (courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings) and it looks like a delight!

Blushing Bride

2 oz passion-fruit nectar
3 oz Champagne
1/2 teaspoon grenadine
Pour chilled passion-fruit nectar in a flute. Carefully add chilled Champagne and grenadine; don’t stir, but allow to blend.
Notes: As always, pick less pricey Prosecco or Cava for a Champagne cocktail; you’ll never taste the difference. No need to sugar the rim, but it certainly does look pretty–cheers to a blushing bride!

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