How to personally say "I do"

The wedding season is in full bloom, with brides coming up as roses before our very eyes. The wedding circuit has its fare share of competition—and while Bride Wars may act as our own version of “Eye of the Tiger,” we pray never to find ourselves in that situation— with not ONE but TWO ruined dresses on our hands. Creativity within the ceremony and reception can help to showcase your unique personality to your guests.

*A quickly growing quirky trend is providing an old-fashioned photo booth for the guests to entertain themselves for hours. A photo booth is a trifecta by providing entertainment, keepsakes, and documentation of the day.

*Flowers are a bride’s angel and devil all rolled into one; necessary yet expensive; beautiful yet wilting in the June heat. A Bridal Brooch Bouquet is the answer to your dilemma. An artful arrangement of antique brooches, your bouquet turns into a piece of art that you can keep for decades. Even better, ask your close family members to each donate a brooch for you to carry down the aisle, keeping them close to your heart at all times.

*Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, cliché but true. To skip the cliché but keep the diamond, how about a diamond in the rough? Unpolished diamonds exude a rustic and organic charm at a fraction of the price. It’s a win-win for any bride on a budget.

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