How to Light up the Night by Using the Power of the Sun!

Ok, this is the perfect product to put an end to your kids’ nightmares, help the environment, and extinguish the fear of a fire in your home, all while staying within your budget! After a near accident with a traditional nightlight, this Mom and Dad team found the perfect solution.

Moonbeams, a nightlight that is powered by the sun during the day and lights up your kids’ room at night, was created.  With no plugs, no worries, and no nightmares, get ready to have the best night’s sleep yet.  Clip this cool gadget to the window and let it charge while the kids are at school. When the sun goes down, the light automatically turns on! With a convenient, flexible neck, you can bring the light through blinds or curtains.  The interchangeable designs allow you to simultaneously please your son or daughter and also decorate for the holidays! What else could a parent ask for? I just love hassle-free products.

By purchasing this product you are not only bringing light and safety to your home, but you are also contributing to Project Share the Light, a charity that “focuses on solar lighting solutions for children in impoverished areas around the world, because NO child should be left in the dark.”

Add this rock-star fabulous product to your Christmas shopping list or stock up for the perfect party favors!

Don’t have kids? Check out their other product, FlexLight. It is perfect for camping, in an emergency, or as a hands-free work light.  Hello!? Can you say perfect gift for men!?

Thank you Ron and Chantele Gustaveson for your enlightening vision!


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