Game Day Treat Ideas

As many of you know, we are knee-deep in a very exciting time of the year for football fans. Some of us have been lucky enough to be nominated to put together either a playoff or a Super Bowl party in the next few weeks.

Whether you happen to be a fan of football or not, planning a small soiree for friends and family can be tons of fun!

There is a wonderful blog called that was created by a girl who considers herself to be a “twenty-something with the same hobbies as your grandma”. She loves to bake, cook, knit, crochet, and put together DIY projects on a regular basis. I must be a grandma too because I’m loving all of the things that she does.

She has included links to all kinds of things that you can create that are not only yummy but pertain to football…14 things to be exact.

Between the deviled eggs, the football pizza, and the chocolate covered strawberries made into footballs, I’m completely ready to entertain!

Here’s what this lovely little twenty-something had to say about herself and her football treat blog:

“Last time I posted football treat ideas our college football season was just starting. Now the season is coming to a close and boy was it a good one.  I just got done watching an EPIC game and am now inspired to make lots and lots of game day treats.  I don’t usually get too worked up about football BUT this one had me pulling my hair out.  Let me tell ya’, I didn’t see this win coming. Actually, no one did. I decided to ditch the game and head back home (to start Thanksgiving break) because “we were just going to get crushed anyway.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure those words came out of mouth multiple times this week. Haha. So instead of celebrating back at school in the freezing cold, I am celebrating by compiling a list of some super awesome football treat ideas from some awesome bloggers & websites (as I sit here on my couch under three blankets).  All of these would be great additions to any super bowl party you might be throwing! Enjoy! :)”

Here’s a list of all of the treats along with the source that she found them on (click each link for full instructions!):

1. Football Cake Pops from Baked With Love & Butter
2. Football Pizza from Kraft
3. Football Cheese Ball from Kraft
4. Chocolate Football Whoopee Pies from Spencer and Hilary
5. Football Cupcakes from Betty Crocker
6. Football Deviled Eggs from My Recipes
7. Game Day Juice Box from And Everything Sweet
8. Football Cheese and Crackers from Give Me Some Oven
9. Football Shaped Brownies  from Taylor Takes A Taste
10. Popcorn Football Field Printable from Kara’s Party Ideas
11. Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Shari’s Berries
12. Football Sugar Cookies from Catch My Party
13. Football Andes Mint Cake from Martha Stewart


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