Frosty, Boozy, Lime Green Sherbet Floats!

Frosty, Boozy, Lime Green Sherbet Floats!

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, everyone’s sporting the green theme this week. Here in the City of Angels it’s been upwards of 90 degrees for the past four days #toohot #menolikey even though the east coast is in full blizzard mode. Yes, the climate has officially gone cuckoo people (so be nice to the environment)! Frosty cold beverages might not sound appealing as you shovel snow off your roof, but here in Cali we’re looking for refreshment!

That’s where Boozy Lime Green Sherbet Floats come in. They’re full on green and festive for St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans and they’re ice cold if you’re melting in the heat like me! The flavor is something like a blended margarita, but smoother and sweeter from the sherbet. Get the full recipe here at or check out the directions below. Mix, slurp, and chill your way to a sinful saints day!

Boozy Lime Sherbet Floats (Serves 4)

1 pint lime sherbet

¾ cup tequila

½ lime juice

½ cup Triple Sec or Cointreau

Club soda or lime seltzer for topping off (if you use Sprite it will get really sweet… but maybe that’s how you like it!)

Fresh mint leaves or lime slices (or both!) for garnish

Salt (optional for rims of glass)

Blend tequila, liqueur, and lime juice in a glass measuring cup. Place a scoop of lime sherbet in each of the four glasses, pour about ½ cup of booze mixture over sherbet, top with your carbonated beverage of choice and garnish with fruit and mint! (I like serving this with a spoon so you can stir everything up together before you drink!)

What’s your most refreshing St. Patrick’s Day drink? Let us know in the comments below!

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